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Dean Marshall (b. October 9, 1969) is a Canadian actor who played a variety of roles in DC projects.

Pictured: Marshall as Sam Foswell in the Superman & Lois episode "Pilot".

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Seattle Police Officer
     "Static" November 16, 2006 Seattle Police Officer
Arrow 2012-2020 Emergency Services
     "Green Arrow" October 7, 2015 Emergency Services
iZombie 2015-2019 Teddy Fischer
     "Death of a Car Salesman" June 20, 2019 Teddy Fischer
Superman & Lois 2021- Sam Foswell
     "Pilot" February 23, 2021 Sam Foswell
     "Heritage" March 2, 2021 Sam Foswell
     "The Eradicator" August 10, 2021 Sam Foswll

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