Deanna Barr is the daughter of the original Bulletman (Jim Barr) and Bulletgirl (Susan Kent-Barr).

She worked as a test pilot for the Air Force, on the Windshear Project. She encountered Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel during a test trial (which they thought was a potential plane crash). She flirted with Captain Marvel, and they dated for a while, before they settled on being just friends.

Later, Deanna used her mother's Gravity Regulator Helmet to rescue the depowered Marvel Family from the villain Chain Lightning. With her father's help, she defeated them.



  • Gravity Regulator Helmet: Deanna wore a cone-shaped anti-gravity helmet.
    • Flight: The helmet enabled Windshear to defy gravity and was capable of directional flight at supersonic velocities.
    • Deflection: The helmet created an invisible electromagnetic field, which prevented approaching obstacles from striking Windshear while in flight.



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