Dear Lois was once a normal counterpart to Lois Lane in the Dark Multiverse, prior to her transformation into a monstrous, telepathic brain creature.[1]

At some point, she had a relationship with her world's version of Clark Kent, which ultimately failed. [2] When her world began to die, as all worlds in the Dark Multiverse do, she was rescued by the mysterious Perrus the Benevolent, and joined his "Unseen"--a collection of misfits from dead worlds, all protected by Perrus, in exchange for feeding him their life-energy.[3]



  • Monstrous Appearance: Dear Lois's brain has grown out of her head, now many times larger than her body, and carries her on four large, pointed legs.
    • Wings: Dear Lois's strange brain possesses primitive wings. It is unknown if they grant her any form of flight.



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