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Quote1.png Maybe those Death-Demons will come in for some punishment themselves! Quote2.png

The Death-Demons were a terrorist gang of enslavers, in a remote region of Europe, near Mount Demon. They were destroyed by the Blackhawk Squadron in 1949.


Until 1949, in a remote and mountainous region of Europe, the Death-Demons of Mount Demon, ruled by Paknar, terrorized the largely-isolated populace. These winged, fanged, talon-handed Death-Demons terrorized the human villagers in the region, who appeased them with human sacrifices.

The demons were fake, and it was a racket, by which Paknar virtually ruled the region, until the Blackhawk Squadron showed up, investigating the rumors of the Death-Demons' existence. Their conflict was brief but destructive, and at the end of it, the Death-Demon hive was obliterated in a blazing lava flow, Paknar was a prisoner of the villagers he had terrorized, and most or all of the "Death-Demons" were dead.


Equipment: motorized set of "Death-Demon" wings, plus fright-masks

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