Quote1.png Let me guess, a struggling artist? Couldn't have picked a more lucrative cliché? Quote2.png
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Death of the Endless is a psychopomp who tries to make the most of her job.

Death was in the line of duty when she encountered Vincent Omata. It wasn't his time yet, but she decided to stop by and cheer him up, as he was all alone in the hallway. She gave him her top hat before resuming her work.

In the following day, a car accident had occurred in front of Omata's apartment and two people died. She was there to escort their souls to the afterlife, but they were confused and didn't acknowledge they were dead, causing them to argue with Death. This bickering woke up Omata, who thought they were attacking her. He screamed from his window that we was going to call the police if they didn't leave her alone. He rushed to the scene, and by the time he reached the street, they were gone. Since she was already close to his apartment, Death asked Omata if she could go there and see his art. He accepted, however, little did Omata know, he died while sleeping and Death was there to guide his soul to the afterlife as well.




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