Quote1 Our work is not done, if this world is to fall each of us has been diminished by our sister's defeat. We must work together now. Even now, the primal forces of this planet gather to unite their powers as one. Their Avatars will seek to destroy us before our work is complete. We must destroy the Avatars and its parliament first. Together we fly, my sisters. Together to vanquish our enemies. Together to greet our beloved Apokolips......and end all life on this world! Quote2
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Death is one of the four Furies of Apokolips and the mother of Darkseid's child, Deathspawn.

Born on Mars, she was gentle and kind, a healer of her planet. She loved all creatures and healed them of their pain, but when the invaders came, she was too sick and frail to nurse her child, and when she died, her pain and sorrow where such that Darkseid felt her grief and summoned her to him.

Against all the odds, she had managed to survive past starvation, death, decay, and ruin. Darkseid offered her the chance to become his harbinger of death, and to bear a new child that would bring about the destruction of countless worlds. Upon hearing this, she felt such joy that she accepted his offer, becoming the final Fury of Death.[1]

World's End

Death arrived to Earth alongside her Fury sisters through the fire pits[2] and went straight to the ocean towards the kingdom of Atlantis,[3] killing and reviving almost everyone on it. [4]

She then reunited with the other Furies on the North Pole, revealing that Famine has fallen. Before they replace her, they must eliminate the planet's Avatars so Apokolips may triumph.[5] They ambushed the Grey and White Avatars, with her strangling the White one while Pestilence infected him.[6] As Green Lantern joined the fight, the Furies were overpowered and the three Avatars attempted to escape to join the remaining two.[7]

As they recovered and were ready to destroy the Avatars, she and War were knocked out by the champion of the Blue.[8]

They continue to battle until the arrival of the new Fury of Famine[9] which turned the battle tide on their side,[10] but was short as Flash brought the Avatars intel on their weaknesses in order to overwhelm the Furies, engulfing Death on a circle of fire. However, their combined strengths shrugged of their efforts, once again gaining the upper hand.[11]

Victory nearly at their hand, the Furies watched the arrival of the Red Avatar which finally gave the Avatars the power they need to defeat the Furies, and alongside their allies, the Furies were all defeated except for Death, who choose to yield for her child's life.[12] A poor decision, as her child ripped his way out of her womb, absorbing her life force to strengthen himself, reducing his own mother to dust.[13]


  • Invulnerability: She could endure the heat of the fire pit[2] and the combined assault of the Avatars without any strain.[8]
  • Self-Sustenance: Death was capable of travel in the ocean without any need of oxygen.[4]
  • Necromancy: As the Fury of Death, she can revive any being she previously killed and bind them to her will.[20]
  • Decadence: Death's power over decay surpasses even the Grey's Avatar itself.[8]
  • Fatal Touch: According to Darkseid, Death is the most powerful of Apokolips' Furies, having the ability to "touch death in life".[1]
  • Claws


  • Vulnerability to Fire: Martians are much more vulnerable to fire than the average Earth human. At times this has been portrayed as physical, psychological, or a combination of the two. The effect of this is to strip any Martian of their powers as they involuntarily lose control of their body.[11]
    • But for some reason, the flames of the fire pit were she arrived to Earth didn't seem to harm her.[2]



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