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Quote1 I have a job to do. And I do it. When the first living thing existed, I was there. When the last living thing dies, I'll put the chairs on the table, turn out the lights and... lock the universe behind me when I leave. Quote2
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Death is the spunky and empathetic embodiment of death, and the second oldest of the Endless. She functions as the metaphysical concept of death throughout the universe, and is the close older sister of Dream.

Death is the second eldest of the Endless, seven immensely powerful personifications of primal functions. Death is with every living thing when they're born, and she will collect them when they die. Due to personally knowing each and every person, she has unlimited compassion for every soul. After her brother Dream managed to collect all his possessions, he found himself unfulfilled, leaving him moping in a park where Death found him. She called him out for feeling sorry for himself, and brought him along with her for her work, reminding her brother that the Endless serve mankind, not the other way around.[1]





  • Ankh Pendant


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