The Death Kraken is one of the more volatile twin of its life altering counterpart known as The Flood. One of the last Space Krakens of its kind hailing from the planet Ankhis like its brother.

It has a ravenous appetite for death, calamity and intoxication that can only be sated by killing off whole worlds and devouring their remains. Once a typical Space Kraken trained and bred by its master to conquer worlds in his name, the sea god Admiral Drogue would return millennia later after being trapped in the Graveyard of Gods. Only to find it'd become feral and volatile after their home of Ankhis fell apart while he was away.[1]

So terrified of this monstrosity given what it had become, Drogue and his fellow Ocean Lords opted not to unleash the creature upon their enemies even if he was left with no other options.[2]

Drowned Earth

After the Heroes of Earth managed to repel its sibling using remnants of the Tear of Extinction. The old gods would retreat to the Blood Reef in order to regroup and strategize their next offensive.[2]

It was then their associate and guide; Black Manta, opted to commandeer the Death Kraken after seeing Aquaman and Wonder Woman sailing back towards Earth with their prize in tow. Meanwhile back on Earth, the Sea Gods redoubled their efforts against the League. Opting to partially summon the Kraken's tentacles in a tactile fashion against them for fear that Drogue would lose control of the beast during battle.

After Queen Mera used the Clarion to reach through to the invaders using what little tie Arthur had left to the Life Force. Manta slaughtered the Gull and Drogue, taking the latter's Bone Crown intent on summoning down the Kraken beast upon all his enemies and the world.

But the pirate's plan was flawed, the crown only worked for its creator and even then Drogue only had marginal control over the Death Kraken. Now with nothing left to reign it in; the devil beast would consume the world and Manta with it.[3]




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