Quote1.png What about all the WORKERS in the FACTORY ?! They're LOCKED IN !! Our fight isn't with the German people .. it's with the NAZIS !! Quote2.png
Del van Dynesrc

The Death Patrol was a ragtag group of volunteer pilots fighting Nazi oppression in Europe and across the European Theater of WWII. Most of the founding members of the Patrol were escaped convicts, and their striped uniforms were designed to commemorate this. The Death Patrol's famous insignia was a skull wearing a hat.


Right after getting fired from his airline pilot job, Del Van Dyne, millionaire owner of his own Stratoliner, got hijacked by five escaping convicts, all of whom claimed to be ace pilots, and who ordered him to fly to Boston. He instead flew to England, and along the way persuaded these desperados to fight for the R.A.F., as "a foreign legion of the air." They arrived in English airspace during a German bombing raid, and managed to destroy one German bomber by using an improbable tactic: dropping two oil drums onto it, in mid-air. Some R.A.F. officers saw this, and were very anxious to recruit all six of them.

Early on, there was friction between the British regular military, especially their commanding officer Colonel Rider, and the unruly convicts, but they accomplished several very difficult assignments, and eventually earned the grudging respect of the established military authorities.

In its early adventures, this unit suffered severe attrition, losing one member in nearly every adventure.

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  • Del Van Dyne learned German in college.[2]
  • The Death Patrol appeared in Military Comics #s 1 ~ 12, then disappeared. Under Will Eisner's editorship, the team suffered one fatality in nearly every story.
  • The "skull with hat" insignias were introduced in Military Comics #4. Each member had an individualized logo, in which the skull's hat resembled the member's own hat.
    • When the Death Patrol returned in Military Comics #20, the planes no longer had the death's-head insignia.

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