The Deathspawn of Apokolips is the offspring of Apokolips' ruler Darkseid and the Fury of Death.

World's End

Finally born after the Furies' defeat, the Deathspawn of Apokolips made it's way to the planet's heart, the source of the Avatars's power.[1]

Reaching the Parliament of Earth, the Deathspawn proceeded to singlehandedly defeat the elemental forces of the planet when Green Lantern was summoned[2] to save them to nearly no avail, as Deathspawn was tearing his way through the planet's core in order to prepare it for Apokolips' arrival.[3]

His power spreading, Deathspawn covered the Earth on molten metal, terraforming the planet so Apokolips could feast on it.[4]


  • Martian/New God Physiology: As a Martian and New God hybrid, the Deathspawn of Apokolips possess a unique array of abilities at his disposal.
    • Malleability: His Martian half gives him the ability to reconstitute his physical body at will. He instantly reached full maturity immediately after birth by absorbing his mother's flesh into his own.[1]
    • Regeneration: The Deathspawn's body recovered from a blast of Green Lantern in an instant.[1]
    • Immortality: His New God half presumably makes him immortal.
    • Superhuman Strength: Deathspawn has enough strength to drill all his way through the Earth's cortex and mantle,[1] defeat the entire Parliament of Earth,[2] and rip the planet's core apart.[3]
    • Superhuman Speed: The Deathspawn reached the Earth's core from the planet's surface in a matter of seconds.[2]
    • Invulnerability: The Deathspawn could endure the overwhelming heat of the Earth's core.[3]
    • Dimensional Travel: The Spawn of Death could reach the Parliament Enclave, a location that is nowhere to be found on the physical plane.[2]
    • Infection: The Deathspawn's most dangerous ability is that to corrode the living heart of an entire planet to the point of self-annihilation,[3] [5] terraforming it into something Apokolips can feed on.[4]



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