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"Family Values": Slade Wilson is reeling after he had a hallucination of his son, Jericho. He supposes it might be one of the memories he had erased, come back thanks to a truth serum he was given by [[Kendal James (Prime Earth)|Red

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Deathstroke (Volume 3) #3 is an issue of the series Deathstroke (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 24, 2014.

Synopsis for "Family Values"

Slade Wilson is reeling after he had a hallucination of his son, Jericho. He supposes it might be one of the memories he had erased, come back thanks to a truth serum he was given by Red Fury. Stumbling through the snow in a dazed state, he collapses, and dreams further. Jericho warned him away from saving him, reminding that Slade had already abandoned his family. Slade responded that he had abandoned them for their own good, and that they could go find the others together. He wakes again, unsure if what he dreamed actually happened, and gets back onto his feet, stumbling toward the cabin on the horizon: home.

He has more, waking visions of his attempted escape with Jericho from some kind of test facility, and witnessing his son kill people with his mind. He assured Jericho that sometimes they'd have to do bad things for good reasons as he opened the way to Odysseus. Jericho revealed that the scientists had been using him to bring Odysseus back from the dead. Aware that Odysseus was his own father, Deathstroke shot him dead for his son's sake. Despite that, Jericho refused to come with Slade, and jumped into him.

In the cabin, Slade fishes through his pack for his phone and wonders just who he should call that he can trust. Someone knocks the phone out of his hand, and he looks up to see Bronze Tiger standing over him - the man who had once been his most trusted confidante and betrayed him. However, thanks to I-Ching's manipulation of Slade's age, Tiggs doesn't recognize him. Regardless, Slade demands to know who paid his friend enough to stab him in the back. With superior fighting skills, Slade beats him into submission, but is prevented from killing him by Red Fury, who appears behind them with the revelation that Bronze Tiger is on Slade's side - he just doesn't remember it. Slade wonders whose side Red Fury is on.

Before answering, Red Fury takes both Slade and Tiggs to a chalet further north. There, Salde relays the memories he regained, and comments that it is strange that they ended with Jericho jumping into him, because the boy's powers had never worked on him. Red Fury explains that Odysseus is Charles Wilson, who was declared dead ten years after going missing on a CIA assignment in 1977 - obviously he was alive. Now, Slade remembers killing him, but Red Fury insists that he didn't. The same mutations that allow Slade to cheat death were inherited from his father. He believes that only Jericho could definitively kill Charles Wilson, which is what was supposed to happen - but it didn't go as planned, and now Odysseus lives and Jericho is missing. That is, except for the reports that he was seen in Gotham City two days ago.

In Gotham, Harley Quinn receives a call from Amanda Waller warning her of Deathstroke's inevitable return to Gotham - and she's not happy about it, given that he betrayed her to the Russians recently.

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  • This issue retcons the majority of Deathstroke (Volume 2). For example, in Deathstroke (Volume 2) #8, Slade visits his father in the hospital (who is named Nathaniel there), and claims in this issue that he hasn't seen his father (named Charles here) since he was twelve. Meanwhile, Jericho and much of Slade's family were seen killed in Deathstroke (Volume 2) #20.

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