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"Moving Targets": Slade Wilson and Red Fury have captured Slade's old friend Bronze Tiger. Despite their earlier friendship, Bronze Tiger now works for the [[League of Assassins (Prime Earth)|League of As

Quote1.png If my father can really do as you say, then this power isn't for any man, or government, to control. Quote2.png
Slade Wilson

Deathstroke (Volume 3) #4 is an issue of the series Deathstroke (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 28, 2015.

Synopsis for "Moving Targets"

Slade Wilson and Red Fury have captured Slade's old friend Bronze Tiger. Despite their earlier friendship, Bronze Tiger now works for the League of Assassins and therefore Odysseus, who abused Slade's son Jericho. Red Fury promises to implant the memory of killing Slade into Bronze Tiger's mind, so that Odysseus believes Slade is no longer in the picture. First, though, they want to access his true mind, and make Tiger tell them what he knows. He struggles, but he manages to warn Slade to kill a certain woman, but Slade can't get him to clarify. Red Fury tries to brush off the warning, so Slade injects him with truth serum. Angrily, Red Fury turns on him, and in their fight, Slade rips his opponent's costume to reveal his cleavage - handily solving the mystery of who Bronze Tiger wanted him to kill.

Annoyed, she admits that she is a woman, but reminds that Bronze Tiger only wants Slade to kill her because he's been programmed to by her. Given that she is unable to lie, Slade accepts her answer, and asks for her real name and her employer. She responds that she is Kendal James, and she works for the Dead Bastards - and organization who helps the CIA and Interpol. She is interrupted from telling him anything more by Victor Ruiz - a bastard who is supposed to be dead. Ruiz admits freely to working for the CIA, and points out that with no friends, money, or weapons, Slade Wilson is no longer considered Deathstroke by anyone important - and Slade Wilson needs his help to get back on his feet. Slade is surprised when his friend Angelica appears behind him, and suggests he accept Ruiz' offer. I-Ching is not far behind her, and admits that the sudden youth that Slade experienced after their last meeting is beyond even his ability to explain.

All assembled, Ruiz explains that the CIA believes Odysseus is capable of crippling a nation - or perhaps destroy. While some might be interested in allying with him or controlling him, they are aware that his power is too dangerous for any man or government, and they wish to destroy it. Still, Slade is reluctant to kill his own father for his government. At the very least, Ruiz needs Slade to help them keep Odysseus from relocating Jericho. The separation of his telepathic link with Slade's son is currently making Odysseus vulnerable, and the time is ripe to move. Slade agrees to that much, choosing to go after Jericho first. Much as he doesn't want to do it, he promises to kill Odysseus; his father.

Elsewhere, Lady Shiva warns Odysseus that the throngs of followers gathered to worship him are likely to draw unwanted attention in his moment of weakness. He admits that it is a risk, but he needs them. He asks after Ra's al Ghul who has been missing for months, and Shiva's response is not encouraging. He suggests that she take his place as leader of the League of Assassins and swear allegiance to him. Unable to resist his telepathic influence, she agrees. They are interrupted by Bronze Tiger, who reports that he killed Deathstroke and that word of Jericho comes from Gotham City. Shiva doubts this news, but Odysseus looks into Bronze Tiger's mind and is fooled by the implanted memories to believe that he tells the truth, and makes preparations for the journey to Gotham.

Jericho, though, really is in Gotham, looking for his sister Rose. He runs afoul of a group of thugs, but is rescued by Rose herself, who cuts the thugs to ribbons. Reunited with her brother, Rose apologizes for letting her grandfather abuse him. She promises, though, that someone she knows can help fix him.

At the airport in Russia, Ruiz briefs Slade on his mission - and his stipend. He explains that Rose is the reason Jericho is in Gotham, and Slade trusts her to do a good job to protect him.

Upon his arrival in Gotham, Slade rendezvous with Harley Quinn, and admits that his apparent betrayal of the Suicide Squad was a ploy to get out of a bad deal with the Russians. Harley seems neither moved to forgive or fight him, so he moves right along to begging for her help in locating Rose. He knows that if she's in Gotham, it'll be for a job - a job that sees plenty of body parts left lying around. Harley admits that there have been many execution style killings - mostly of police informants. Though she isn't all that eager to help in exchange for money, his offer to get her out from under the thumb of Amanda Waller tickles her enough to show him the location of one of these killings.

She leads him to the abandoned Sullivan Middle School, where a room full of decapitated corpses is all too conspicuous. When he discovers one of his own swords among the bodies - one he had stored during his time on the Suicide Squad - Slade knows he's been set up. Before long, the Batman appears, and gleefully, Harley promises revenge for the betrayal of the Suicide Squad - by proxy, through Batman.

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