"Honor Thy Father": After being led by Harley Quinn to the likely location of his children Rose and Jericho, Deathstroke is unsurprised by the discovery of [[Possum

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Deathstroke (Volume 3) #6 is an issue of the series Deathstroke (Volume 3) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 25, 2015.

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Synopsis for "Honor Thy Father"

After being led by Harley Quinn to the likely location of his children Rose and Jericho, Deathstroke is unsurprised by the discovery of Possum's dismembered corpse on the ground. He is downright amused when Harley gets too close and Possum's head attaches itself to her arm while his limbs attack Slade. Slade successfully skewers the head on an electrified pole, and sends a heavy jolt through it, demanding that Possum tell him what happened to his children.

They have, in fact, been taken to Gotham International Airport, where their grandfather Odysseus and the League of Assassins deliberate on whether they should kill Rose. Jericho tries to convince their captors to let her go, knowing that Odysseus only cares about his powers. Desperately, Rose begs him to control the assassins, but he can't. Odysseus is already controlling Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger. In any case, Odysseus has no wish to kill Rose, reminding that if he can't control his own family, he can't expect to command entire countries. Jericho, though, becomes agitated, warning them away from his sister. To force Odysseus' hand, he begins attacking his own body from the inside, knowing that if he dies, their plan is ruined. Under pressure, Odysseus puts his own mask on Jericho and begins absorbing the remains of his power before he can die.

Suddenly, a jet overhead is blown up, proving to be a diversion for Deathstroke and Harley to intervene and rescue his children. Confused, his father had believed that Bronze Tiger killed Slade - but he'd been misled. Banishing the fact that he is fighting his father from his mind, Slade attacks him as an enemy; a target. When Odysseus knocks off Slade's helmet, he doesn't recognize him as his son, thanks to the de-aging he underwent. He assumes, therefore, that this must be an impostor. Slade assures him that he is the real deal, skewering his father on a protruding piece of scrap metal. Unfortunately, Bronze Tiger is still brainwashed to kill Slade, and thrusts his claws through his back.

Victor Ruiz appears, using a hypnotic frequency to disable Bronze Tiger, but Rose distrusts him, and threatens to kill him if he gets too close to Jericho. With tensions high, Jericho himself calls for everyone to be calm, and put an end to this violence and death.

The last thing Slade remembers after that was a blinding green light. He wakes in an unfamiliar room, assuming it belongs to one of Victor's safehouses. Soon after waking, he is visited by Red Fury with an offer he can't refuse. Within hours he is back on the run as Deathstroke, ready to settle the score.


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