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"The Lazarus Contract, Part 3": After gaining super speed, Slade decides to test his new power by running. However, the original Wally West is doggedly chasing him down. Slade asks Wally to leave him be, hinting at a deal in place. Wally has no idea what he's talking about, and his immediate con

Quote1.png My name is Slade Wilson. I'm the fastest killer alive...about to change my own destiny... Quote2.png

Deathstroke (Volume 4) #19 is an issue of the series Deathstroke (Volume 4) with a cover date of July, 2017. It was published on May 24, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Lazarus Contract, Part 3"

After gaining super speed, Slade decides to test his new power by running. However, the original Wally West is doggedly chasing him down. Slade asks Wally to leave him be, hinting at a deal in place. Wally has no idea what he's talking about, and his immediate concern is how he manufactured his speed. Slade explains that he stole the energy from a device that the original Flash used to control his powers in his early days. Storing the energy in an energy extractor, he used the data gathered from both Wallys and getting the greatest minds on Earth to help him modify the extractor to let his suit harness the power. He then reveals the nature of the deal he has been mentioning.

A year after Grant Wilson's death, Robin heads to the Titan's base in Hatton Corners. As he jumps his cycle inside, he is riddled with bullets, but somehow lands unharmed. Deathstroke then aims his sword at Dick, and mocks the fact he is wearing the Robin suit. Robin backs up and prepares to fight, demanding to know what Slade wants. Slade says he is there to end him. Because the Teen Titans killed his son, he took up his contract with H.I.V.E. Dick, though, doesn't buy it, as they both know the serum H.I.V.E. gave Grant really killed him. Slade then explains that reason he is there: he wants to make him a deal. Dick will either accept the deal and keep it a secret, or die on the spot. He then shows him picture of his daughter, Rose. Because her mother died recently, Slade is set to take her in, something he cannot allow. He as arranged for alternate care, but he wants Dick to give her something more. Dick thinks he wants him to teach her how to fight. However, what Slade wants is for him to give her his values, to ensure she doesn't turn out like him. In exchange for this, Slade will hold off his contract to kill the Titans. He explains that his deal with H.I.V.E. will become a Lazarus Contract, which will only be fulfilled if either of them fails to uphold their end of the bargain.

In the present, Slade commends Nightwing for keeping his word and not telling anyone. He also ponders how he was made to forget about Wally and Grant. He then stops running and asks Wally if he has a plan once he catches up to him. He reminds Wally that his only advantage is his speed. Now that Slade can move like him, they now have a level playing field, where it is a trained killer versus whatever Wally is without his speed. Slade asks him what he is when he's not the fastest man alive. Unnerved, Wally decides to retreat.

Back in Slade's hideout, the two Titans teams are taking stock of the situation. Garth is worried about Wally, but Arsenal thinks his experience with super speed will help him win. Beast Boy is processing the existence of two Wallys, and Robin is pressing Kid Flash for answers on what Slade did. Wally II explains that he trusted Slade enough to let his guard down and accidentally helped him gain super speed. Robin berates him for trusting Slade until Dick reminds him that Wally I needs help. Kid Flash moves to leave, but his suit disappears and Wally realizes he has lost his speed. Dick gets everyone to work on figuring out Deathstroke's plan, and Donna worries about Wally I, who has no chance of beating Slade alone. In Los Angeles, Jericho is standing on a rooftop, when Wally I arrives, asking him for help stopping Deathstroke. Wally is upset that he ran from Slade, but Jericho tells him dying wouldn't have accomplished anything, and asks what he can do to help. Wally asks to know about his relationship with his father.

In the past, Slade is seen back when he and his sons got lost in the woods. Then, the boys are shown on the night he and Adeline agreed to divorce. That night, Grant got fed up with being near Slade and decided to run away. As Grant walks down the road, Slade, who managed to get ahead of him, cuts him off. Grant is clearly afraid, but Slade doesn't want to hurt him. He's prepared to let Grant run off...if he hits him. After some goading, Grant punches him in the chest. Slade is unharmed and satisfied, but still prepares to beat Grant anyway. Grant backs up in fear, only to be hit by an oncoming car. He is unharmed, and asks the kids who hit him for a ride as Slade watches in the shadows.

In present, Slade is using his speed to go on an international killing spree. He then stops to visit a still unconscious Rose. Billy arrives and updates on Jericho's release. Slade informs Billy that he has a mission, but doesn't know how long he will be gone. Before leaving, he promises to fix the mistakes he made in the past, or die trying.

Back in Jersey, Robin has made headway on tracking Slade's computer, revealing coordinates that Nightwing figures is Hatton Corners. Dick tells Damian that their teams need to work together to stop Slade, and they need to be on same page or risk losing everything. Damian accepts his apology as Wally I radios in that he has recruited Jericho to help, and they agreed to meet at Hatton Corners. As they prepare to leave, Wally asks Jericho if he's okay with Slade's actions and he explains that he merely accepts Deathstroke. He also explains that Slade handles feelings by blaming others for his problems, and that he struggles every day not be Slade.

In Ontario, Slade is still trying to reach out to Dave Isherwood, to no avail. Slade wants to confirm his theory that he can combine the gravity sheath the Ikon suit generates with his stolen speed to time travel. Upset by Dave not responding, he decides to try it anyway. Running in the direction of the old Titan's HQ at near light speed, he manages to time travel to Hatton Corners right before Grant is going to attack the Teen Titans. Grant is confused by his appearance, so Slade unmasks himself. Glad that he found his son, he does the one thing no one thought he was capable of...he hugs his son.

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