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"The Lazarus Contract, Epilogue: Monster": AS Slade stands atop a bridge, an unknown voice reflects on recent events and how they have affected Slade. Having failed to save his son, he now has a question that he will struggle to answer for the rest of his life: what can a man do with himself aft

Quote1.png Luke 10, Christ said find the man of peace--someone you can work with to get things done. I've changed, Tanya. I'm ashamed of the man I was. I'm going a different way. Now you can help me along that path--or you can go on pretending to be about something you're obviously not. Quote2.png
Slade Wilson

Deathstroke (Volume 4) #20 is an issue of the series Deathstroke (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2017. It was published on June 7, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Lazarus Contract, Epilogue: Monster"

AS Slade stands atop a bridge, an unknown voice reflects on recent events and how they have affected Slade. Having failed to save his son, he now has a question that he will struggle to answer for the rest of his life: what can a man do with himself after seeing God and living to talk about it? The unknown voice, revealed to be Isherwood, remembers the day he started working for the man who would become Deathstroke. During a mission in Bosnia, Dave abused his position the U.N. armed forces and violated the law by sniping a man to save Slade's life. He remembers the day he gave Slade the Ikon Suit, and how he never bothered to use it. He remembers being lost, then finding God, Joseph, and becoming Dr. Ikon. However, his sins inevitably caught up with him, leading to his current predicament. While Catholics rely on penance, his punishment was becoming a lab rat. Exposed to a synthesized virus made from Slade's DNA, it created a knock-off of Slade's healing power, but had some unforeseen side effects. While the experiment saved his life, Dave wonders if his life is worth living. His new path is to end the thing he hates, the thing he has become...Slade. Deciding that he and Slade both should be dead, Dave escapes his confinement and prepares to fulfil his new mission.

In the Bronx, Tanya is struggling with cramps for unknown reasons, when she hears a knock at the door. Though she reaches, she is surprised to see Slade at her door, with a puppy, asking for forgiveness. In response, she slams the door in his face. Tanys yells through the door a denial of forgiveness, but Slade replies that because she is a born again believer in Christ, she has to forgive him. He then quotes Matthew 6:15, the scripture that establishes why she has to forgive him. Tanya is upset that Slade is using her faith against her, but he calls her out on whether or not she is a real follower of Christ. He then quotes Psalm 103, reminding her that God doesn't punish those who love him based on what they deserve. Tanya is still against forgiving him, but he claims he has renounced evil, which is enough to get Tanya's attention. She takes his claim to believe that Deathstroke has accepted Christ...but he explains he's not at that point. He tries to explain what happened to him, but he doesn't have the words. Tanya then opens the door, takes the puppy, closes it, and promises to consider forgiving him.

In Los Angeles, Joseph is at a drug rehab meeting, where, while a nun signs for him, he recounts his story. All of the wrongs he committed haunted him and he chose to medicate to deal with them rather than deal with the problem. As a result, he hurt his family. He explains that even though he almost killed rose, she forgave him, calling it an accident. However, he knows the truth: he wasn't just angry because his fiancée was killed after confessing to cheating on him with his father. He made a choice while high on painkillers. He explains that even though he was gunning for his dad, it doesn't change what he did to his sister, then leaves.

Back in New York, Tanya is seeing a doctor about her cramps. While she fumes at Slade using Scripture against her, her doctor is explaining that the cause is a hormone imbalance. Tanya keeps talking to herself until she realizes that her doctor said she was being prescribed birth control pills. This doesn't sit well with Tanya because she doesn't think of herself as someone who'd be in a situation that requires birth control. Her doctor tries to console her, but she is still uncomfortable, but accepts the prescription anyway. Meanwhile, in Soho, Rose returns home from the hospital with Hosun, her new husband. Rose tries again to convince Hosun that Slade won't come for him, and reminds him that she can't save him if he does. She also reminds him that she only married him to annoy Slade. However, Slade hasn't shown any concern, and she considers getting pregnant to get his attention. Hosun cuts her thoughts short by suggesting she rest, considering the extent the doctors went to repair the damage Joseph did to her skull. As she takes her wig off and looks at the extensive number of stitches in her head, she thinks about her brother.

While airborne in a private jet, Slade tells Joseph that he is proud of him for getting help. Jericho calls him out for nearly destroying time itself to save Grant, who hated him, and ignoring the son who put everything on the line to save him. Slade compares the issue to the Parable of the Lost Son: He worried about the lost son, while the good son whined about it. He then suggests they call a truce in recognition of how they have changed. At the same time, Isherwood calls Slade. Slade calls Dave out on being unreachable for so long, but he simply asks to talk to Joseph. Joseph apologizes for killing him, but Dave apologizes in return for doubting the he really loved Étienne. He then gives condolences for her death and tells Joseph that it's time for them both to start over. Joseph can't accept that he can forgive him so easily, but he tells him that he is paying God's love forward, and he needs to do the same. Dave then says his goodbyes and hangs up. As Slade walks past, he notices something in Joe's eye, but he plays it off.

Back in the Bronx, Tanya is trying to get her prescription, but the cashier won't hand them over without a parent's consent, Slade then appears, claiming to be her dad, and gets the prescription for her. She tries to walk away, but Slade follows her, so she asks what he wants from her. He answers with a question: does she want to be a superhero. She claims she is a hero, but he corrects her: she' is no more than three--quarters of a hero, and offers to help her be a whole hero. Slade then quotes Luke 10: that she needs to seek out a man of peace to help her find her way. Tanya is skeptical that Deathstroke is that man, but he claims that he has changed, and regrets who he used to be. He offers her a choice: find a new path like he did or keep pretending to be what she isn't. Meanwhile, in Windsor, Ontario, Dave reaches his base of operations. As he thinks of Isaiah chapter 53, he walks past all of his previous Ikon suits as he goes to prepare for what he is about to do.

Meanwhile, Slade is over looking his new base, which he considers adequate for his needs. Some one asks what he needs to do, and Slade replies..."to begin?". It is revealed that Slade has assembled, Rose, Jericho, Adeline, Wintergreen, and Tanya to serve as his team.

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