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Deathwing was a Nightwing villain, brainwashed into believing he was the true Nightwing.

Deathwing was originally one of Professor Pyg's's dollotrons; individuals who were abducted, surgically altered and brainwashed into obedience. At some point, Dr. Simon Hurt brainwashed the Dollotron into thinking it was Nightwing.

Changing his name to Deathwing, the dollotron went on a murderous rampage, killing criminals and anyone who stood in his way. He also attempted to take out Nightwing, whom he believed to be the impostor.



  • Escrima Sticks

  • Despite the similarities in name and appearance this is a different character from the Team Titans Deathwing.
  • In addition to fighting skills, he also has the voice of Nightwing.