When Wonder Woman was sent to Man's World to put an end to the mad schemes of the War God Ares, the War God's son Phobos decided to gain favor in his father's eyes by destroying the Amazon Princess. To this end, Phobos journeyed to the Cavern of the Gorgons, where he drove his smoldering hands straight into the mystical matter that was the the Gorgon's seething heart. Using his breath to shape molten material he had thus extracted, much as how Diana herself had been molded from humbled clay, Phobos created a small statuette, the figure of a woman, which he then delivered to the Boston home of Professor Julia Kapatelis, who had become Wonder Woman's mentor.

The statuette came to life, assumed full human size, and attacked Wonder Woman during a learning session with Kapatelis. The creature, calling itself Decay, fought the Amazon across the entire city of Boston. Decay almost killed Wonder Woman but only to be entangled in the strands of the Lasso of Truth. Since Diana's lasso possessed the power of constant renewal forged from the girdle of Gaea, it seriously harmed Decay, who was the embodiment of death. The golden strands poured life into Decay until she literally exploded from the strain, her lifeless carcass returning once more to the vile dust that had spawned her.[2]




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