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Quote1.png That's right... Scream! I'd know these soft, spoiled lives anywhere! It doesn't matter the planet! You ruling class think you can condemn those below you?! Well, I condemn you! I'll feed you to those you'd subdue! Quote2.png
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Deceilia Starshame was an alien outcast captured by the D.E.O..

Deceilia is an alien born with a strange mutation that earned her emnity on an unknown world. Temperamental and savage, traits only exasperated ever since her parents died in a car accident, Deceilia grew to harbor a deep hatred for authority figures; men and women of power and/or influence. She wreaked havoc on her planet's ruling class until she was banished by their bigotry and intolerance.

Deceilia arrived on Earth at some point in her later life, having been captured and restrained by the D.E.O. Mokkari came up with a memory-control system to put her under the Department's control, and Director Bones decided to send her out under orders of causing enough mayhem to lure Supergirl out.

Deceilia broke free from Mokkari's mind-control quickly and started to attack innocent civilians, which quickly earned Supergirl's attention. After a brief fight with the girl of steel, a fail-safe was triggered within the mental inhibition brand on her neck called Amnesium. Temporarily wiping her memory just as D.E.O. Agents swooped in to arrest them both.


  • Unique Physiology: Deceilia is unique among the species who cast her out of their society, it was this deviation from the genetic norm that made her so much more resiliant than the rest of her species.
    • Superhuman Strength: As a child, Deceilia was strong enough to kill full grown adults barehanded, having matured to adulthood. She's strong enough to fight a Kryptonian on equal footing.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: She's reactive enough to catch a flying Supergirl.
    • Telepathic Resistance: Her mental reprogramming wore off as quickly as it was applied to her, showcasing an amazing resiliance to psychic or mental manipulation.
    • Superhuman Speed: Fast enough to catch Kara out of the air in mid-flight.
    • Invulnerability: Resiliant enough to resist and trade blows with a Kryptonian without physical injury.




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