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Tweedledum is one half of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


Deever Tweed and his cousin Dumpson, bonding over their shared interest of the fictional characters Tweedledum and Tweedledee, decided to become professional criminals and adopted the names as their super villain aliases.

Early in their careers as henchmen, Tweedledee acted as a lookout during a bank heist when he first encountered Batman. Receiving no mercy from the vigilante, Tweedledee was kicked so hard in the face that, afterwards, he had to have surgery for 11 hours, and his face never fully from the trauma to his skull.

After getting out of jail, Tweedledee shifted his criminal methods, instead running a corrupt club in Gotham called the "Wild Hare" with a special allegiance to the Mad Hatter.[1]


Mad Hatter, formulating a plan to mind-control civilians into acting out his own Alice in Wonderland fantasy, teamed up with Tweedledum and Tweedledee. By investing in Deever's business as well multiple other locations around the city, Hatter bought himself hunting ground to find the perfect "actors" for his play.

Following the money trail, Batman confronted Tweedledee at the "Wild Hare" and, after the criminal finished reminding the Bat about the major surgery he received after their first encounter, threatened Deever to stay out of trouble or he could expect another serious injury to his jaw.[1]

Not following the hero's warning, Tweedledee continued to help the Hatter mind control people, both Dee and Dum being in charge of controlling the civilians under their spell. When the Bat was finally able to face the Hatter in a showdown, Batman, as he promised, critically injured Tweedledee during the fight, unhinging the criminal's jaw and leaving him for the police to find.[2]

Arkham War

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City of Bane

When Bane took over Gotham City, the criminals of Gotham were forced to join him or be persecuted by the "real" Batman and Gotham Girl. Tweedledum and Tweedledee declined Bane's offer. They joined a group consisting of themselves, Scarecrow, and Kite Man until Batman found them. While they were attempting to escape, one of them was shot in the back and killed. The remaining Tweed grabbed onto Kiteman's kite as they jumped off a building. To prevent the kite from crashing, Scarecrow gassed Tweed, causing him to let go and plummet to his death.[3]


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