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The D.D.I. operated out of the abandoned Fenwick Military Academy in Washington, D.C.

The Defense Department Intelligence (D.D.I.) was the military arm of the United States Justice Department.


The D.D.I. operated out of the abandoned Fenwick Military Academy in Washington, D.C.

The D.D.I. funded the resources required for doctors Alec and Linda Holland's Bio-Restorative formula. D.D.I. Director Dwight Wicker assigned agent Matthew Cable to safeguard the Hollands and their research, but a rival agency known as the Conclave intervened in the project and the Hollands were killed. The project, however, led to the creation of the Swamp Thing. The D.D.I. worked with General Sunderland in capturing the Swamp Thing.

After the death of Sunderland at the hands of the Swamp Thing, the D.D.I. under Director Wicker put out a warrant for his capture. Two years later, the D.D.I. soon followed a lead on the Swamp Thing through his lover Abigail Arcane, who was arrested in Gotham City, and attempted to use her as bait in order to eliminating Swamp Thing as a witness to the agency's crimes. After failing to sought cooperation from the Gotham City Police Department, the D.D.I. hired Lex Luthor as their consultant who provided the agency a scrambler that will alter Swamp Thing's frequency, making him unable to leave his body in the event of his death, and regrow elsewhere. Their effort paid off in which D.D.I. agents fired a frequency scrambler into Swamp Thing and set him aflame with napalm. The D.D.I. believed that the Swamp Thing was dead but in reality he survived by growing his body on another planet.[1]

The agents of the D.D.I., including Dwight Wicker, who participated in Swamp Thing's murder soon faced retribution from the plant elemental.[2] Not long afterward, the D.D.I. was dissolved because its covert activities (including involvement in the Iran/Contra scandal) were deemed a liability to certain powerful parties in Washington, but not before Swamp Thing was able to infiltrate their records and learn about Luthor's involvement in his "death".[3]

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