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Lord Defile was a leader of the Daemonite forces on Earth.

There were three High Lords aboard the Daemonite ship that crashed on Earth: the ship captain who died in the crash, Helspont was the military leader and Defile was the political leader.

Unlike his fellow surviving Daemonite High Lord, Defile didn't seek the destruction of mankind. He wanted its ultimate corruption to obey his free will, or its death for resisting. For that, he had constantly plotted in the shadows of History. For example, he was the one to introduce gas bombs during the First World War. He usually maneuvered other influential people to do his biddings.

He put in motion a long time scheme by getting the three captured members of StormWatch Prime (Flashpoint, Nautika and Sunburst captured by the MERCs during the Gulf War), and brainwashing them. As his puppets, they sent StormWatch classified information to pit the UN's organization against his long time foe: Emp and his WildC.A.T.s. By capturing Maul, brainwashing him to carry a nuke in a volcano, he got Battalion "killed", and aroused StormWatch's wrath against the WildC.A.T.s. By sending Mr. White to impersonate Maul in the lap of the WildC.A.T.s, he expected to kill Emp. This plan was exposed by Ben Santini and his Black Razors. The fact that Maul had been captured by StormWatch after the nuke incident, the WildC.A.T.s were also mad at them. And they start fighting each other.

That's when the third key to the Daemonite warship was uncovered. If the three keys could be reunited, and the warship found, the owner had access to the destructive potential of the dreadnought. As Daemonite High Lords, Defile had one, Helspont another, the third was the captain's. The race for the keys and the ship began, involving all of Earth's heroes. Even StormWatch and the WildCATs worked together, because the Void had a vision of the outcome of the crisis if the ship fell in the wrong hands. In the end, it appeared that the ship was the Kherubim's but it still held great firepower. In the struggle for its control, Defile unleashed his StormWatch pets (minus Flashpoint who was in custody for having killed a MERC in cold blood). Sunburst destroyed Spartan's body, then managed to break Defile's influence and was crippled by his wife Nautika. As his plan failed again, Defile retreated and was never heard of again.


Defile emerged once again after Stormwatch set up it's latest incarnation, Stormwatch P.H.D. (Post Human Division). He led an assault on the N.Y.P.D. 18th Precinct where P.H.D. member John Doran was stationed.[1] After fending off the assault, Doran and the others escaped.[2] Unfortunately, Defile and his agents were later successful in destroying the station.

World's End

After Armageddon, Lord Defile took the opportunity in seizing what was left of Earth for his own rule. While stationed in New York, Defile sensed the Daemonite sorcerer Rapier who came to Earth to take it for Daemon and its High Council. Defile refused to see this happened, confronted the sorcerer and told him that the planet belonged to him. Unfortunately, Rapier manipulated Defile and used his mind as an anchor to channel a portal between Earth and Daemon in allowing a Daemonite force to invade Earth sometime in the future. A vengeful Defile vowed to be ready for this invasion.[3]

Defile later brought an army of Daemonites to Los Angeles, which was occupied by the Wildcats. After a confrontation with the Wildcats, Defile agreed to a truce between him and his adversaries but his true motivations behind this agreement to the truce still had yet to be revealed.[4] When the Wildcats left the Halo Building and leaving only Ladytron on guard, Lord Defile took the chance to invade the building with his Daemonite army. Defile and Lady Decadence arduously fought Ladytron and almost had her destroyed when the Wildcats returned, along with an enraged Majestic. Upon seeing their respective enemy, Defile and Majestic immediately attacked each other. As Defile was locked with Majestic, Spartan took the opportunity to open a portal into Otherspace in sending Defile, Decadence, Majestic and the Daemonties into the said dimension. In the process, the Halo Building was destroyed along with Defile and Decadence.[5] However, the High Lords survived their ordeal and later built a new Cabal, in which Defile plotted in creating powerful hybrid Daemonite warriors mixed with the genetic codes of Vampires against the Daemon High Council. In doing so, Defile forced Daemonite scientist Slyxx, who affiliated with the Number of the Beast incident, into creating his hybrids and as well attracting the attention of Wetworks after capturing their members Jester and Grail as hosts for the hybrids. Ultimately, Wetworks confronted Defile and his experimental hybrid was killed and its toxic blood spilled on Lady Decadence, causing harm to her. Defile then retreated with his Cabal before forewarning Wetworks that the High Council will invade Earth unlike any other alien invasions that the planet had ever seen.[6]


  • Daemonite Physiology: The following represents the potential alien abilities available to the average Daemonite while operating on Earth. Even if demonstration of such abilities has not been explicitly shown in a canonical resource. The higher the status of the Daemonite the stronger their abilities are. Training and practice of their abilities allow them to break the cap of their abilities. Variations of these powers may apply depending upon the wielder in question.
    • Accelerated Healing: If a Daemonite is ever harmed it can heal indefinitely while it's brain still survives. Daemonites have been seen losing their limbs, internal organs and portions of their brains while still surviving. It also seems that Daemonites heal more quickly while resting within a host body.
    • Chronokinesis Most Daemonites possess a degree of time manipulation however the exact limits of this ability are unknown.
    • Claws: Daemonites have long, dangerous claws on each hand and foot which they use within combat and to help break the mental barrier of their host bodies. They can also expose these claws while within their host body to allow for stronger attacks.
    • Fangs: Daemonites have long, dangerous fangs in their mouths which they use to rend and tear at targets. Their fangs can help them breach the mental barriers of their hosts. Some Daemonites use long tendrils instead of fangs for the same effects.
    • Immortality: Daemonites have survived for countless years within and without a host body. It is assumed by scientists and enemies of the Daemonites that they are immortal; however, this may only be the case in mental form. As such Daemonites can in fact live forever if only while within a host body. Without a body it can still survive at least a million years.
    • Metamorphosis: Only the strongest of Daemonites can shape-shift. Only the strongest of those Daemonites can change into inorganic material. A Daemonite can shape-shift even while possessing a host body but they'll normally revert quite quickly. Only one Daemonite has been seen shifting his body parts into inorganic material but the possibility remains for all Daemonites.
    • Phasing: Daemonites have a degree of intangibility allowing them to phase through solid objects as they do when they take possession of a host body. They can continue to phase even while within their host body. Their phasing isn't automatic and they must concentrate to hold their form.
    • Possession: Daemonites are parasitic beings that not only take complete control over another being's body but inhabits their mind as well. They feed on the nutrients and physiology of the host body until the body is destroyed or the Daemonite abandons it. Normally, possession causes no harm to the physical body but the process changes frequently. The stronger the Daemonite the easier the transition. Occasionally, the Daemonite can leave the host body violently and destroy the body.
    • Superhuman Durability: A Daemonite's body is more durable than that of a human while on Earth. While some Daemonites cannot survive a bullet to the head which removes their brain functions others can take multiple bullets to their body without harm. Physical training can increase a Daemonite's durability.
    • Superhuman Speed: A Daemonite's body is faster than that of a human while on Earth. Either while within a human host or not they exhibit incredible amounts of speed which can carry them to speeds that match that of most street cars while their physical capabilities of speed while in combat also increase past human levels.
      This also confers:
    • Superhuman Strength: A Daemonite's body is stronger than that of a human while on Earth. When a Daemonite must they will resort to physical combat and exhibit their strength enough to roll over cars or rip off a door to a plane. A Daemonite's strength is determined by their physical capability and some Daemonites may not be as strong as others.
    • Telepathy: Daemonites are not only physical beings that take possession of host bodies but they manipulate the mental effects of the beings as well. Not limited to only understanding the thoughts of each other or their hosts they can extend this ability to a wide range and even track targets by their mental signature. Most Daemonites are connected by a central mind which they do not need to focus to maintain.
  • Magic: Defile is a practitioner of Daemonite sorcery, an art not common among the Daemonite race, but exists none the less. He has reportedly said that the Daemonite version of sorcery is not as flashy as earth magic but it gets the job done.
  • Bio-Physical Manipulation: A unique ability to physically control Daemonites via their natural aspect of communication through chemical secretion. Due to his high station of birth Defile's able to override the free will of lower level Daemonites and control them through force of will even half-breed Daemonites, Like The Monstrosity.
  • Cellular Disruption: Defile has the ability to release a degenerative energy that causes the cells of objects and living beings to start to degrade and rot from the cellular structure outward. In objects, they begin to break down as if worn by time and environments and in living beings it literally rots the flesh from their bones at its extremes and withers at less application.
  • Size Alteration: Being of Daemonite royalty Defile has powers other Deamonites do not. in particular he's shown he can alter his size to an unknown degree, he has fought Maul when he went big during a fight near the Halo Corporation building.