Delaken was captain of the city guards of Rann.

Years before Adam Strange first arrived on Rann Delaken was romantically involved with Alanna - the daughter of Sardath. Even after Alanna promised herself to Adam Strange, Delaken still carried feelings for her. His jeolousy towards Strange only intensified when Adam became the champion of all of Rann - a position that Delaken coveted for himself.

During one of Adam's many absences, Delaken encountered Alanna again, now pregnant with Adam's child, at the opening of the Adam Strange Museum in Ranagar. They witnessed a group of rebellious citizens attacking Alanna's father, Sardath. Delaken rocketed over to the group, forcing them to disperse. What few realized was that Delaken was secretly collaborating with the rebels and carried on a relationship with one of their more active members, Marleah.

Adam Strange returned, but a malfunctioning Mega-Zeta-Beam drove him temporarily insane. Believing that Sardath was actually a twisted, sadistic man, Strange attacked him, brutalizing him in front of his daughter. A witness to the event ran to fetch Delaken. Delaken boarded a Floater and raced to the scene where he opened fire on Adam. Strange was forced to retreat from the scene.



  • Rannian Military Gear


  • Rannian City Guard Craft


  • Rannian Mility Pistol



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