Delia Ryan was a resident of Swainsville, New Mexico.

She worked both as a waitress at the local diner and as a chicken farmer. She spent much of the 1960s under the influence of mind-altering drugs, and as a result, was not altogether there. Her chicken farm, however, had been doing increasing business in recent years due to the growing interest in chickens raised without chemicals. The only thing preventing her from raising chickens full-time was weasels that kept getting into her coops.

She met Tina and Jerry McGee when they were patrons at the diner. She overheard them talking about the Porcupine Man and informed them that she had seen it. She invited them over to her place to see it. That night, they found Wally West, covered in porcupine-like spines, hiding in her chicken coop.[1] Delia graciously let the McGees and Mason Trollbridge use her home as a base while they tried to nurse Wally back to health. She spent a large amount of money purchasing food for the ailing speedster, and was promised that she would be repaid by Chunk.[2]



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