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In 1992, Doctor Delia Surridge came to Larkhill Resettlement Camp as part of their scientific research division. She designed a chemical hormone treatment known as Batch 5 and began distributing it to select prisoners. Not all of Larkhill's prisoners were considered ideal test subjects however. Many were simply taken out behind the chemical shed and executed.

Over four dozen prisoners were subjected to the Batch 5 experiments, with barely 25% of them surviving the process. One of the survivors was a nameless prisoner sequestered in Room 5. At first, Number 5 proved to be a model prisoner, and he was even allowed to work in the camp's garden. He grew rose bushes and raised crops for the camp's administrators.

During this time, Number Five collected supplies of ammonia and fertilizer and used them to orchestrate his escape. Arranging the chemicals in a pattern on the floor, he caused a huge explosion which devastated the prison block. Horribly burned by the flames, he nonetheless broke free of Larkhill. Delia saw Number Five walking out of the flaming debris and instantly knew who he was.

Following the scandal, Larkhill was closed down and Surridge was transferred to London. She worked at the Norsefire investigative agency dubbed the Nose as a forensic pathologist and briefly engaged in a relationship with a detective named Eric Finch. Surridge and Finch soon broke off the affair over an undisclosed matter. Delia began keeping a journal detailing her time at Larkhill. Guilt over her involvement in the project began to overwhelm her, and she never forgot the man from room Number Five.

Over the course of the next five years, prisoner Number Five adopted a new identity – that of the anarchist terrorist known as V. Donning a cape and Guy Fawkes mask, he began systematically killing off all of those involved with the Larkhill Resettlement Camp.

In late 1997, V snuck into Delia's bedroom and injected her with a lethal poison while she slept. She suddenly awoke and found the masked vigilante standing before her. He presented her with a rose, and Delia instantly recognized him as the man from Larkhill. V told her that he "killed her" ten minutes ago, at which point Delia asked if she could see his face. V briefly removed the Guy Fawkes mask and Delia's reaction to his visage were the words "It's beautiful." She then quietly passed away.

Nose agent Eric Finch led the investigation into Surridge's death. He recovered her diary and learned about the experiments at Larkhill. Fellow agent Peter Creedy made an unsavory comment in regards to Finch's affair with Surridge – a comment that earned him a punch across the jaw.

As far as it is known, Delia Surridge is the only administrator from the Larkhill facility who ever expressed any genuine guilt over the roles they played in the creation of V and the deaths of the other inmates, notably Valerie Page.


  • Delia's involvement with the Larkhill experiments are not part of the public record.



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