Tyler was trained by the original, the now-elderly Sandra Knight, and given Knight's costume and equipment.[1] It was heavily implied [2] that she was not alone in being thus trained and equipped. Dee also learned many of her skills at the exclusive Université Notre Dame des Ombres (Our Lady of the Shadows). Her primary abilities are an extensive knowledge of the martial art called Savate, also known as French kickboxing, a wrist-mounted blaster, and a holographic projector that can be used to cast powerful illusions.

She was hired to protect a defecting Russian scientist as he toured North Africa looking for new ways to poison food, his specialty. Although they were targeted for assassination by Merlyn and Syonide, she was able to defeat the villains, with the help of the Flash.[3]

Tyler was killed (along with at least two other Freedom Fighters) in a battle against The Society.[4] The group were ambushed while investigating the meeting place of other supervillians. Tyler was wounded by the Cheetah and then fatally impaled by Deathstroke. Her body was hung on the Washington Monument along with the Human Bomb and Black Condor.


Costume projects holograms of herself and is invisible to electronic surveillance


Taser mounted on bracelet

  • This successor Phantom Lady never received a series of her own, but was a periodic guest star in other titles, including the 1988 Starman, Flash, and most frequently in the 1994 Starman title. She joins a new version of the Freedom Fighters in the 1999 JSA series.



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