Three years before the formation of the Omega Men, Delingis Jarouq served as the second-in-command in a revolutionary unit led by the Karnan Tigorr. Between battles, Tigorr enjoyed bringing his men to the bordellos of Rashashoon. Here Delingis met a professional companion named Harpis. Harpis and Jarouq fell in love with one another, thus incurring the jealous wrath of Harpis' sister Demonia. Some time later, Jarouq and his comrades participated in a protracted battle on the planet Tamaran. Jarouq's unit lost the battle against the superior forces of their adversary Blackfire and Delingis and the others were taken to a prison planet. He was reunited with Harpis, who by this point, had undergone radical genetic modification. Delingis did not care about Harpis' physical alterations. He was still in love with her. Another team of refugees, led by the Euphorian prince Primus staged a breakout at the prison and Delingis was gravely injured. Harpis was devastated when her sister Demonia told her that Delingis had died in the fighting. Although still alive, he had sustained severe injuries which required cybernetic facial reconstruction. Shortly after the fall of the first Citadel during the Citadel War, Delingis came to the planet Rashashoon where he was reunited with Harpis who had recently suffered a nervous breakdown following the loss of her wings.



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