Dell Merriwether was a psychopath and the first wearer of a costume crafted by Paul Gambi, with which he killed six cops and about two dozen people.

After a fight with the second Flash and Green Lantern, he was arrested and sentenced to death by electrocution. Prison folklore had it that Merriwether's spirit survived his death and remained with the suit. In actuality, the electricity which killed Merriwether had delivered an extradimensional parasitic entity to our world. The latter relocated inside the suit, which thus appeared to be sentient, and swore vengeance towards the Flash's legacy for indirectly causing him to get wounded shortly after his arrival in our dimension.[1] [2]


  • Superhuman Strength: The suit granted him superhuman strength, to the point that he was able to lift and throw a police cruiser with his own hands.[1]


  • Wrist-worn blasters.[1]



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