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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is on of two nations named after the Congo river, the other being the Republic of the Congo.


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  • There are two countries named "the Congo", and they are often confused for each other. To make it worse, there used to be three. Belgian Congo (the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC or Zaire, the largest by far), French Congo (the Republic of the Congo), and Portugese Congo. It doesn't help that the DRC for a time was called "Republic of the Congo" as well. The term "African Congo" is sometimes used as well, and refers to the entire region of the Congo River.
  • Fictional Congos
    • The adventures of Tarzan traditionally take place in what would later become the Belgian Congo.
    • Gorilla City is also located in the Congo Basin, and at one time placed near the Sudan border.[1]
    • The home of Congo Bill has never been positively identified as either Congo, and neither have many incidental appearances of "The Congo".

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