"The Night of the Demon!": The maximum power of the electric lash does no harm to the Demon, but instead causes the laboratory to ignite. Baron von Rakenstein and Igor flee the fire while cursing the Demon. Etrigan breaks through a doo

Quote1 We humans are too quick to judge what we see! It is the weakness in all of us! Quote2
Professor Alan Hunter

Appearing in "The Night of the Demon!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Harry Matthews
  • Randu Singh
  • Rakenstein's Monster (Final appearance; dies)
  • Janie Welles (Final appearance)
  • Professor Alan Hunter (Final appearance)


Other Characters:

  • GCPD
    • Officer Duggan
  • Electricians
    • Clancy
  • Thugs
    • Ratsy


  • Gotham City
    • Rakenstein's Home (Destroyed)
      • Laboratory (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "The Night of the Demon!"

The maximum power of the electric lash does no harm to the Demon, but instead causes the laboratory to ignite. Baron von Rakenstein and Igor flee the fire while cursing the Demon. Etrigan breaks through a door unleashing all of the Baron's chimerical beasts and sets out after the frightened Monster who may hurt innocent people.

Etrigan leaps onto the street where many people have gathered to witness the burning building. They are terrified by what appears to be a real demon and a police officer steps forward to hold him for questioning. The Demon doesn't fear the gun pointed at him and engulfs his own body in flame, allowing him to melt a tunnel deep underground to the amazement of the witnesses. Etrigan makes his way down a utility service tunnel and encounters a crew of electricians. The Demon creates a blind flash of light to temporarily distract the workers as he darts past, leaving the men thinking the city is haunted.

Up on the streets, Randu and Harry drive the psychic Janie Welles to track down her tormented Monster friend. They find the road closed as they get close to the burning building and are told to turn back, but Janie exits the car and runs down the block sensing her contact is nearby. She hurries into an alley to find a group of thugs throwing bricks at the Monster. She pushes through them, imploring them to leave him alone, but the creeps grab her and threaten to hurt her if the Monster doesn't show himself. The colossal creation stands up from the rubble and demands they release his friend. The punks scatter and even Janie is scared of the Monster's mien, despite getting to know him.

The police soon swarm around the Monster who picks up Janie in his arms. Professor Hunter arrives with Randu and Harry to a tense situation. As Hunter tries to talk the Monster into releasing Janie, Etrigan emerges from a manhole. The Demon reminds the creation that he is free of his tormentors, but it will be all for naught if he invokes the fear of the mortals. The dialogue is disrupted as Evilstein and Igor reappear above them wielding the electric lash with the intent to destroy. The Monster quickly releases his friends in time before the devastating voltage knocks the giant down. Etrigan leaps between the blast and its target, shielding the Monster as the electric charge gathers in his cloak. At his command, he directs the energy back at the malicious madmen, surrounding them in an electric barrier. Etrigan enters the energy confinement to face the barrel of the Baron's weapon. The Demon is not afraid and holds out the Philosopher's Stone. The weapon fires, the stone glows, and the people below witness a great explosion of light illuminating the night sky.

With no sign of movement above, Janie rushes over to the smouldering Monster only to hear his dying words. She mourns the poor creature in the arms of Professor Hunter as the police ascend the rooftop. They discover Jason Blood lying unconscious with a shiny stone in his hand, and even stranger; two vultures, one big, one small, fly off into the night.


  • In Demon #11, Harry drives Randu to the Institute of Parapsychology in a green car, yet in this issue, Randu drives Harry in a yellow car on their return.


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