"Reincarnators": A GCPD officer stumbles upon a brutal murder just as the savage, shirtless suspect is fleeing the scene. The grunting primitive man crashes through a restaurant window in an attempt to escape. The police are unable halt the beast's rampage which

Quote1 I'm sorry you got involved in this, Jason! But, now, we're both on the death list of the Cult of the "Master-Eye!" Quote2
Randu Singh

Appearing in "Reincarnators"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Cult of the Master-Eye (Single appearance)
    • The High One (Only appearance; dies)
    • Haakud (Single appearance)
    • Past-Life Assassins
      • Neanderthal Man (Single appearance)
      • Pistol, the Pirate (Single appearance)
      • Mord, the Executioner (Single appearance)
  • Monster (In dream sequence only)

Other Characters:

  • GCPD
    • Officer Novak
  • U.N. Delegate of Khendustan (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Merlin (Mentioned only)



  • Reincarnation/Past-Lives


  • The Master-Eye (Only appearance; destroyed)
  • Symbols of the Master-Eye


  • Cult Car
  • Cult Helicopter (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Reincarnators"

A GCPD officer stumbles upon a brutal murder just as the savage, shirtless suspect is fleeing the scene. The grunting primitive man crashes through a restaurant window in an attempt to escape. The police are unable halt the beast's rampage which soon sets the diner on fire. The Neanderthal man ducks down an alley and sprints down a street where he spies a man in ceremonial robes holding an eye symbol aloft. The Neanderthal lumbers into the man's car to join the "High One". The mysterious mastermind produces another eye charm to assuage the wild man, who sinks back into the seat, and begins to revert into an average man. The High One gloats of the power of the Master-Eye and the brilliance of his plan; to revert unsuspecting civilians to their primitive past-lives, and manipulate them into assassinating U.N. delegates, such as the latest victim from Khendustan. The High One reveals the next assassin has already been conditioned and ready to activate, finally ending the investigation of their cult. And the target is Randu Singh!

Jason Blood finds himself manacled to the ferocious demon, Etrigan. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot escape the monster bound to him. An even more terrifying monster emerges from the depths, and against his will, Etrigan pulls Jason towards it.

Jason wakes up screaming in fear, and Harry comes running into his bedroom. Jason confides in Harry about the revelations he's uncovered about himself and his association with demons, especially with Randu's unique insight. As Harry tells Jason about the murder last night, he himself begins to transform into a ruthless pirate man named, "Pistol", and tries to murder Jason. Realising this man is not truly his friend, Blood strikes him with a powerful hook, knocking his assailant unconscious. Randu arrives to confirm that the Cult of the Master-Eye is behind this, and using one of their mystic symbols he obtained, reverts Harry back to his former self.

In their clandestine meeting place, the Cult gather around the idol of the Master-Eye to channel its mystic properties into conditioning a new assassin, uncovering the perfect soul for claiming lives; Mord, a Medieval executioner.

Back in his apartment, Jason and Randu prepare themselves for another attack. Randu retires to the next room while Jason searches his library for any information on the mysterious cult. With no results, Jason falls asleep in his chair, allowing his executioner to sneak into the room and raise his axe. Before Mord can cleave his foe, Randu's ESP alerts him to the danger, and he bursts in, summoning the Demon. Etrigan leaps from the chair as the battleaxe splinters it, before disarming Mord and throwing him across the room with ease. The short-lived fight gives Etrigan no satisfaction and Randu tries to assuage the Demon's fury. Unfortunately he cannot reach Jason, nor does he know how to change him back. Etrigan advances on Randu, but is distracted by Mord escaping out the window. Etrigan pursues to find Mord climbing a rope to a helicopter flown by Haakud. Etrigan surreptitiously stows away to be taken to their secret lair.

With knowledge that the assassination attempt is once more a failure, the High One insists on following though with their ultimate goal, broadcasting the Master-Eye's influence via television, transforming any viewers to slaves of the Cult.

Outside the temple, guards gather to meet the incoming helicopter. They are confused to see the terrified subject that was once Mord flee from the craft, more so when they recover the unconscious body of the pilot. The helicopter suddenly explodes, and the Demon leaps from the flame, fighting his way through the ranks to the temple.

The High One actives the Master-Eye for the television camera, preparing to beam its power to millions of viewers, when the burst strikes the High One instead, initiating a shocking transformation. The Cult members scatter in fear as Etrigan destroys the Master-Eye from the inside out, followed by the camera. Etrigan looks down to see a pathetic invertebrate trying to scurry away. Knowing that past-lives may even take animal form, the Demon squishes the High One under his foot, ending the ancient order of evil.

At Gotham Municipal Hospital, Randu senses the Demon has completed his task and informs a recovering Harry. Focusing, Randu is able to discern the reverse incantation to bring his friend back. Etrigan, watching the temple burn from outside, crumples to his knees, and Jason Blood rises in his place.


  • This issue is divided into three chapters:
    • Part I: Reincarnators
    • Part II: Let Loose the Demon
    • Part III: A Million Slaves for the Master-Eye


  • This is the first instance — besides Jason's first transformation — of Etrigan ever speaking in rhyme: "HA HA HAH! Trick for trick! --- Kill for kill -! Drink bitter wine and demon swill! Dead you were --- Dead you shall be --- And all because you fought with me! HA HA HAH!"

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