Quote1 I don't waste a lot of time on looking back at what might have been. For me, the past is just that. The past. And then someone says a name. A name from the past that you can't ignore. Y'see, the last time I heard the name Elvarro Mortez... was the night I died. Quote2
The Spirit src

While fighting the evil Dr. Cobra, in Central City in 1940, a young policeman named Denny Colt was doused with a liquid which put him in a deep coma. Believed dead, Denny was buried at Wildwood Cemetery, but awoke from his grave, twenty-four hours later. He established a secret crime-fighting base under his own tombstone, and using his new-found anonymity, he began to fight crime and protect the people of Central City as The Spirit.

His identity is known only to his "driver," Ebony White and Police Commissioner Dolan.




The Spirit has an autoplane, which is a car that turns into a plane and vice versa.

  • From December 21, 2016 to April 5, 2017, The Spirit and Dick Tracy worked together. It is unknown if this was the Earth-Spirit version of Dennis Colt.



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