Quote1 There is a sickness spreading across this country, sickness only we can understand and prevent. We're on the brink of crushing the conspiracy and we can't turn back now! Quote2
-- Gen. Synge src

General Denton Synge was a former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. Once regarded as a war hero, he began a downward spiral into paranoia and megalomania in his later years. Convinced there was a conspiracy threatening to subvert the United States of America, Synge covertly amassed an armory of high-tech weaponry and a force of genetically engineered cyborgs at Mount Thunder, a decommissioned military industrial complex in Nevada. From there, he planned on executing Operation Freedom Rings--a coup d'état of the American government.[1]

Captain Atom and his newly-formed Justice League ultimately foiled Synge's plans after they stumbled upon his operation at Mount Thunder. Synge himself was killed in an explosion after his cybernetic soldiers turned on him and self-detonated.[2]



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