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Deon Owens is a Masonville citizen who is also the conduit of the Still Force on Earth-Prime.

Deon Owens was born at some point in early 80s in Masonville. He was a brilliant football player but a knee injury early ended his career.

In 2020, he was chosen as the conduit of the extra-dimensional field, known as the Still Force, which gifted him time-manipulating abilities. Deon wanted to give himself a second chance as a football player so he rewrote the reality around him by turning time back to 1998, imprisoning his city in a time loop.

As the repeated use of his abilities extended the perimeter of the time bubble, it caused many anachronisms such as the appearances of Dinosaurs and Romans in Central City. Cisco Ramon and Chester P. Runk were also stuck in 1998 while working on tracking the new Forces: they tracked Deon and built a device which could nullify his abilities: as they were unable to stop his abilities, they made him reason, explaining him that his injury was always supposed to happen so his past could not be changed in any way. Eventually, Deon accepted the truth, undid the time changes but used his powers again to escape.[1]


  • Deon Owens was portrayed by Christian Magby.