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Derek Almond was an administrator of a special operations branch known as the Finger.

The Finger was but one of several departments under Britain's ruling Norsefire party during the mid-late 1990s. In November of 1997, the anarchist terrorist known as V struck a critical blow against the Norsefire regime when he destroyed Westminster Palace and the Old Bailey. Norsefire chancellor, Adam Susan, placed Almond in charge of tracking and apprehending V.

Almond delegated authority to his primary investigator, Eric Finch. Finch and his colleague Domnic Stone discovered that V's next target was a pathologist named Delia Surridge. They contacted Almond, who left his house in the hopes of reaching Surridge before V could. When he arrived at Delia's home however, it was already too late. V emerged from her bedroom moments after poisoning her. Almond attempted to stop V, but had forgotten to load his gun and was killed.


Derek Almond did not possess any superhuman capabilities.




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