Derek James aka. Sideways is a metahuman teenager who has the power to create rifts in midair and leap through dimensions at will.

Derek was in Gotham City with his adoptive mother, Helen, when Challengers Mountain returned from the Dark Multiverse. After being separated from his mother by the subsequent earthquake, Derek fell into a massive fracture in the ground and through a rift into the Dark Multiverse. After four days, Derek was able to teleport back to Gotham. After a month, his friend Ernestine designed a costume for him to use. However, in his first live-stream as the hero Sideways, Derek is confronted by the Tempus Fuginaut, a mysterious figure who intends to kill him for supposedly damaging space-time.[1]


  • Dimensional Teleportation: Derek can create tears in space-time, or "rifts" as he calls them, which allow him to leap through dimensions at will, letting him to move from one place to another whenever he wants.[1]
  • Spatial Disruption: The edges of Derek's rifts are indestructible and razor-sharp, meaning he can use them to cut through solid matter.[2]
  • Rift Tracking: After a bit of practice, Derek's has found a new way to quickly track someone's whereabouts. Simply by focusing his mind on the people he wanted to find and jumping through the rifts he created.[3]
  • Superhuman Strength: Derek is much stronger than a normal human, strong enough to easily carry a fully loaded dresser drawer over his head.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: Derek's body is tougher and more resistant than the body of a normal human, though he's far from invulnerable.[1]
  • Accelerated Healing: Derek possesses some degree of healing factor abilities and can recover from any injuries or wounds faster than normal humans. For example, he only needed two days to heal his dislocated shoulder. The time it takes for full healing seems to depend on the level of his injury.[2]


  • Power Instability: Due to a lack of control over his newfound powers, Derek can't predict where he will leap to and could end up anywhere. In addition, his powers can potentially disrupt the balance of space-time if not used carefully.[1]



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