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Quote1.png Imagine fire ants underneath your skin, stinging without stop. Imagine molten plastic injected in your eyes, or battery acid flushing through your bloodstream -- that's what it's like to be the Corrosive Man. Quote2.png
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Deke Mitchell is the Corrosive Man, a Gotham City hitman turned into a chemical freak.


Derek Mitchell was a Gotham City hired assassin, who worked in association with Mortimer Kadaver. Mitchell was eventually double-crossed by Kadaver and he was arrested by the police and sentenced to a lifetime in prison. Two years later, Mitchell broke out and went looking for Kadaver, but was forced to hide from the Gotham City Police Department in a hazardous waste disposal chamber during a thunderstorm. When lightning struck the place, the chemicals exploded, engulfing and transforming Mitchell into the Corrosive Man. Thanks to his new lethal touch, Corrosive Man could easily find Kadaver and attempted to murder him, but he was promptly stopped by Batman. After the encounter, Mitchell was presumed dead, although he survived.[1][2][3]


Mitchell was taken as a prisoner and subject of investigation to S.T.A.R. Labs, but he eventually escaped from his special containment cell and sought revenge against Kadaver. Batman (Jean-Paul Valley) and Joe Public learned of Mitchell's escape and they stopped him as he was about to destroy the entire hospital where Kadaver was being treated. The Corrosive Man was then taken back into custody of S.T.A.R. Labs.[4]





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