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Derek Powell was an employee of Morgan Edge who was granted superpowers by exposure to X-Kryptonite.

Derek lived in New Carthage, a town suffering from widespread unemployment and economic depression. Morgan Edge bought and reopened the disused mines in the town and Derek began working as a miner. At some point he began a romantic relationship with Edge’s assistant Leslie Larr.

Edge offered Derek the “opportunity of a lifetime”, later revealed to be superpowers granted by exposure to X-Kryptonite. Derek called his mother to tell her that he believed he was in trouble, and subsequently disappeared.[1]

Months later, Derek would reappear, claiming to have accidentally suffered a head injury in the mines and lost his memory. He went with Sharon to the Smallville Harvest Festival to donate some old clothes, but lost control of his heat vision, setting the building on fire.

He went to Leslie, who exposed him to the X-Kryptonite again, granting him greater power. He was followed by Chrissy Beppo, who reported back to Lois Lane. Lois’ husband Superman went to the facility and Derek lead him away, demonstrating strength and speed equal to Superman. The two fought an aerial battle over the corn fields around Smallville until they were both shot down by Captain Luthor. When Superman tried to question Derek, his powers overloaded and he self-immolated.[2]



  • Derek’s body appears to have been possessed by a Kryptonian consciousness when he was exposed to X-Kryptonite a second time.



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