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Derek Powers is Blight, a radioactive madman with a lethal touch. Former head of Powers Technology, now his mission is to find and kill Bruce Wayne and his archenemy the new Batman.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth

Past and Origins

Head of Powers Technology, Derek was in secret developing forbidden tech hiding from the government in several dark sites. In one of these, he experimented on the speedster Splitt while working alongside Warren McGinnis.[1] During the Brother Eye conflict, he merged with Wayne Enterprises in hope to be able to produce enough defensive output against the cyborgs. During the fusion, Bruce Wayne tried to suppress all Powers' dark sites, but without success as some remained operative.[2] In one of these laboratories, Powers had an accident that turned him into a man of pure radiation: now a monster named Blight, he became a dangerous threat to Gotham and faced Batman. In their final fight in a submarine, Terry barely escaped alive while Blight sunk in the waters of the bay, believed dead from drowning.[3]

Back from the Dead

Powers managed to come back, finding himself imprisoned in a laboratory of Powers Technology: declaring his intention to kill Bruce Wayne and then whoever wore the symbol of the Bat[4], Blight triggers the radiation alarm in the laboratory getting the attention of Bruce and Matt in the Batcave, but also of the new Batwoman, a mysterious woman who stole Terry's suit from the Batcave and that is acting as protector of Neo-Gotham in his absence. Still, this new heroine didn't expect to face Blight who, taking her by surprise, gains the upper hand.[5] Undervaluing Batwoman's ability and revealing her that he's dying and in need of a new body to host him, Blight survives Batwoman's shot at trapping him in the building after triggering a powerful explosive.

Facing Batwoman Beyond!

After Batwoman left, Blight contacts his former lover Constance Gustinov, the only person able to perform the transfer Derek desires: she tells him that she has the perfect man for the job, an amnesiac Terry McGinnis. The perfect revenge on the Batman and Bruce Wayne presents itself on a silver platter.[3] As Derek sends out several "devourers" to Wayne Enterprises facilities around town to keep Batwoman occupied, Constance proceeds in luring and then knocking Terry unconscious, trapping him in the transfer pod: as Constance restores Terry's mind to prepare for the operation, Batwoman shuts down the power and saves Terry, fleeing with him. Blight cannot transfer anymore: his radioactivity is off the charts, killing even Constance. The man is enraged, but he won't disappear without killing Bruce Wayne first.[6]

Derek in fact stole several of Wayne's secret files during their fusion, and in one of them he found out about a secret project placed under Wayne Manor. Making an easy guess and understanding Bruce was the previous Batman, he realized that place must be the Batcave. Attacking it with his full might, trying to take everyone with him, Blight will be defeated once and for all by Terry McGinnis, back in his Batman suit: with the Batmobile, Terry digs out a deep hole in Wayne Manor's underground and buries Blight there.[7]


  • Radiation Production: Powers was transformed in a creature of pure radiation, and naturally produces radioactive energy from his body.



  • Power Instability: Blight is a being of pure radiation. As time passes by, he suffers from radioactive decay, increasing his toxicity and lethal touch but also bringing him closer and closer to death. He needs to contain himself in a special suit to interact with people and slow down the process. [3][6][7]


  • Blight Suit



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