Professor Derek Powers is a teacher at Gotham Academy who is also Blight.

Olive Silverlock stumbles through the dark hallways when she discovers a luminescent clock face with an arrow pierced in it. As she pulls the arrow from the clock the Blight skeletal hand comes out at her and she wakes up in her room at Gotham Academy. Several days after the bell-top fire an excavation cum salvaging trip is led by Professor MacPherson and Coach Humphreys which the well members of the Pizza Club attend - many of the other students had been stricken with the similar illness that Pomeline claims to be vampiric in nature. Colton retorts that, while not vampires, the school is host to another villainous entity, Professor Powers whom he believes has a grudge against the academy.

Professor Powers.

Inside Powers' classroom Kyle and Colton find a pile of classified research papers but are distracted by a thumping noise when Powers himself walks in and scares them away. Underneath Powers' room Colton and Kyle bring Maps in to investigate the crawlspace where they heard the noise before. From the ceiling blood drips down onto them and inside the space they find a grandfather clock and a heartbeat from inside it. As they pull the clock down Blight chases them away. Outside the classrooms they open the clock to find a beating heart which reminds Maps of Olive's nightmares. Before they realise the skeleton has followed them outside and Maps is sucked into the clock and is trapped. At that moment Kyle and Colton flee through the forest past the vampire battle carrying the clock with Blight in tow. As the two parties converge they realise how Blight was after Decobra the whole time, for it will be Decobra's son who will be responsible for Blight's condition and he plans on removing them both from time. From the skies Pomeline falls onto Blight knocking him and Warren unconscious long enough for Pom and Colton to argue again over who was right. Soon enough both villains attack once again and they agree they were both correct, unfortunately. As the two monsters battle, the clock swings open and Maps jumps out with knowledge of the future which she must keep secret and of the two villains. Now reunited the team manage to trick both Blight and Decobra into the time-travelling clock which they seal up and Pomeline shoots the heart with her crossbow - as Olive foresaw.


  • Radiation Production: Powers was transformed into a living nuclear hazard. He gave off dangerous amounts of radiation even passively that made it lethal to be near him, let alone touch without some form of protection. He had no control over this.
    • Energy Projection: Powers could manipulate this radiation for various effects . At first, he could only project this radiation from his hands as energy beams or fireballs. As his powers grew increasingly unstable, he was able to emit wide range waves of radiation.
    • Thermokinesis: His powers also caused him to be extremely hot in the literal sense. Powers was incapable of feeling the cold, and his touch could sear even metal.
    • Self-Sustenance




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