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Queen Desira is the ruler of Aphrodite's World (the planet Venus), ruling over a race of butterfly winged women.

She is an ally and former lover[1] of Queen Hippolyta, receiving through the Venusian Teleporter the male criminals who landed on Amazon Island to be taught to submit to loving authority, to embrace peace and obedience, and to be as happy as men can be (female criminals are taken to the Improvement Island on Amazon Island).[2]

Peace reigns on Aphrodite thanks to the violet strand that crosses the planet, diminishing thoughts of war as if they were distant dreams.

The planet Aphrodite is another earth, born parallel to our Earth. It's history diverged when Amazons seized Greece, then Europe almost 3000 years ago. This led to a way of life that is, according to Desira, a perfect example of submission to loving authority where women are winged and free and men are subdued and pampered creatures, domesticated, content with their lives, ideal for labor, company, and rough pleasure, though often not much else. And they, men, die quickly, and see no reason to compete or fight for women attention.

In the name of friendship between the two peoples, Desira made her Venus Girls available to Wonder Woman, whom she treats as a niece, when the war against Ares reaches the beaches of Paradise Island.[1]




  • Venus Girdles: It charges every body cell with vitalizing currents and harmonizes the brain, encouraging obedience. Desira gave Hippolyta several of these girdles to be used on female prisoners on Amazon Island.


  • Venusian Teleporter: It connects Paradise Island directly to Aphrodite.[1]


  • Pax Ray: A weapon capable of undermining all violent thoughts, anger and jealousy by love.