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Despero is a Kalanorian tyrant, who hails from a possible future of Earth-Prime where Barry Allen destroyed the world, that traveled back in time to prevent the destruction of Earth.

Banished to Earth

Despero was born on Kalanor in a near future where he became its leader, ruling his planet as a tyrant due to his incredible powers gifted to him by a connection with the Flame of Py'tar. After he was banished from Kalanor for his crimes, he traveled to Earth.

Witnessing Armageddon

In 2031, Earth was seemingly destroyed by Barry Allen. As he was not ready to lose his new home, Despero traveled back in time to Earth-Prime where he targeted the present Barry Allen. The Kalanorian warned him about his incoming madness that would lead him to cause the Armageddon and threatened to murder him. After Despero overpowered him in battle, the hero bargained to have one week to prove himself worthy of surviving.

Crusade against the Flash

Later, after Barry seemingly snapped due to Reverse-Flash's masterplan, Despero tried to kill Barry in the Hall of Justice. However, Black Lightning and the other members of Team Flash slowed him enough to allow Barry to run to the future to discover who was really responsible for the destruction of Earth.

In the meantime, Despero captured Barry's friends and murdered them all except for Cecile Horton. As he was about to kill her, Barry's meddling with time managed to revert Thawne's Negative Still Force changes and restore the original timeline where Barry faced Despero and told him about the time changes, forcing the Kalanorian to return to his own timeline to check on Earth.


Some time later, after Thawne asked for Barry's help in order to survive his erasing from the timeline, Despero returned to Earth-Prime. The Kalanorian ordered the Scarlet Speedster to kill Thawne as he will always be a danger to the Earth. Barry refused to listen to his order and faced him in battle one last time, removing his connection to the Flame of Py'tar which caused Despero's death.



  • Belt

  • Despero is portrayed in his human form by Tony Curran.



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