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  • Magic
    • Flight: Destiny can fly of his own will.
    • Fear Projection: Destiny can cause hallucinations in others, even those with the strongest wills. Typically, the victims will see demons in place of regular people. The more fear he causes, the stronger Destiny gets.
    • Force Field: To keep himself safe and to infect anyone foolish enough to try attacking him directly, Destiny has a magical shield that repels attacks and causes madness in those who touch it.
    • Possession: Though his physical form was destroyed by Merlin, Destiny is capable of taking control of another body and reshaping it into a copy of his former self. At the same time, he suppresses the will of his victim, effectively resurrecting himself.
    • Pyrokinesis



  • Those Who Already Went Mad: Destiny is unable to cause someone to go insane from hallucinations if they've already experienced madness and recovered.




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