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"Prelude to Joker War: Joker Hears a Who?!": The Court's Tomb of the Unworthy

Quote1.png Hello, Batman. The Joker sends his regards. Quote2.png
Lincoln March

Detective Comics #1023 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2020. It was published on July 7, 2020.

Synopsis for "Prelude to Joker War: Joker Hears a Who?!"

The Court's Tomb of the Unworthy

The Joker discovers where the Court of Owls hides the Talons who were not loyal to the Court itself, resources to be fully controlled and used only in war. The clown prince of crime tortured a member of the Court, finding out where the tomb was and also getting a dose of the serum necessary to rewake a Talon. Joker is particularly interested in one: Lincoln March. He finds him and he wakes him up: he's going to be a valuable asset in what he has in store for Batman.

Gotham Superior Courthouse

Batman is in the former base of the Church of the Two, the new cult founded by Harvey Dent. The Dark Knight just discovered that Two-Face was kidnapped and surgically brainwashed by Hugo Strange and the Mad Hatter, all at the command of the Joker. This disturbs Bruce: there's much more going on with Harvey, and he must discover what the trio of criminals that manipulated him really want. After some old-fashioned questioning, the Bat finds out where Hugo and the Hatter hide, and he takes them down. Then, he retrieves all the info he can from Strange, especially the current position of Two-Face.

Gotham City Police Department's Armory

Batman obtained what he wanted from Strange: the location of Dent, which seems to be the armory of the GCPD. Batman spots Two-Face easily enough: Dent decided to take one of the mechanical Bat-Suits the Department stored. Bruce tries to explain to Harvey he was manipulated, even if he does not remember it, but fails in making Two-Face reason. As he defeats him thank to a device who rewark the job Strange and Tetch did to his brain, Batman cannot know Lincoln March is right there to surprise him: the Talon takes out Two-Face, and then tells Bruce that the Joker sends his regards.

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  • Gotham City
    • Gotham City Police Armory
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