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"Tales From The Joker War: Attack On Wayne Enterprises": Holy Cross Cemetery, Gotham City

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Detective Comics #1025 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 11, 2020.

Synopsis for "Tales From The Joker War: Attack On Wayne Enterprises"

Holy Cross Cemetery, Gotham City Harvey Bullock and the agents still on his side are trying to overcome a squadron of Joker's own goons, who are blocking their path towards one of the Wayne Enterprises buildings where Joker is planning what to do next with Gotham City. Seeing this, Batwoman decides to intervene, utilizing her military training to give Bullock and his men an opportunity to escape. She won't hold back: the Joker is terrorizing a whole city, full of innocent people. As the Joker's men are now in disadvantage, Lucius Fox, controlled by the new Joker Toxin developed by Punchline, deploys a Bat-Drone to help them take control of the situation again, but this time Batman himself steps in, with an EMP charge that temporarily shut down the drone.

Batman and Batwoman have not worked together since the Gotham Knights incident, but this time it seems they will have to team up again: they agree about the fact that the next step is taking out of service the 3D printer for weapons the Joker set up at one of the facilities of Bruce's former company. The two decide to get there to solve the problem in a tandem.

Wayne Enterprises. Subbasement Level 3

With a big surprise for all the Joker's goons, Batman and Batwoman found access to a Bat-Tank in the basement, and start to attack. While Bats destroys the printer, Kate secures Lucius from the enemy. Fox is almost in the final stage of the intoxication caused by Punchline's version of the Joker Toxin: fevering, he would have died soon. Thankfully Bruce was able to create a partially functioning antidote for the new batch: it does not eliminate the Toxin completely, but slows it down enough to secure Lucius, also deactivating some of the other symptoms. Lucius is grateful for the help, telling Batman he did everything his will allowed him to do to slow down the Joker's plans. With Lucius secure, Batman and Batwoman salute each other, with Kathrine promising she will not abandon Bruce in times of war: she'll help Gotham, her way.

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