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"Batman: "Batman's Evil Eye"": The Scarecrow is released from jail thanks to the efforts of Bruce Wayne to grant him parole. As Batman, he visits Crane's release from prison and they shake hands.

Quote1.png Perhaps by now you're wondering how you've regained your ability... to strike terror into all who face you, eh? Well, only I can provide that answer! Quote2.png

Detective Comics #389 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1969.

Synopsis for Batman: "Batman's Evil Eye"

The Scarecrow is released from jail thanks to the efforts of Bruce Wayne to grant him parole. As Batman, he visits Crane's release from prison and they shake hands.

Batman then gets going with Robin on his normal patrol and he starts remembering the past, during the days in which he started his crusade against crime. He recalls using his fearsome figure to strike terror in the hearts of criminals, but Robin points out that the old "scaring gig" has run its course and that criminals are no longer easily afraid. To prove a point, Batman tries to use some of his old tactics during the next mission and to their complete shock, the Dynamic Duo find that the criminals they fight are helplessly afraid of Batman. Robin believes this is a mere coincidence, but when the event repeats with further intensity, Batman starts suspecting that there is more than meets the eye.

After having easily captured another gang of criminals, who ended up scared out of their minds of Batman, the Caped Crusader takes them to the GCPD Headquarters, where Commissioner Gordon's phone rings with someone asking to speak with Batman. The mysterious person informs Batman that everything that has happened was planned by him and that in order to learn the mystery behind it all, he gives Batman an address, where they would meet alone.

Batman goes to the indicated place and he learns that it is an abandoned warehouse. Wanting to give the criminal a taste of his own tricks, Batman decides to use an old fear tactic by dropping from a skylight. Unfortunately, the criminal was prepared for this situation and Batman is locked in a trap when he finds himself surrounded by two-way mirrors, all of which reflect his image. Batman becomes completely afraid of himself and the criminal reveals to be the Scarecrow before he starts telling Batman his whole plan.

When he was released from prison and he shook Batman's hand, he injected a special serum on Batman which would start inducing fear into anyone who was confronted by the Dark Knight. Since then, the effects have grown stronger and with the right amount of exposure to the fear, the victim could become insane. Batman tries hard to not fall for Scarecrow's trap, but he can't hold his own fear. After a few moments, Scarecrow reckons that Batman's mind has snapped and decides to eliminate Batman for good. Opening the doors of the mirror chamber, he allows a couple of his thugs to enter the place, but they are both shocked in fear at the sight of Batman, who was not insane yet and is capable of escaping the trap to take down the thugs. Finally, Batman confronts the Scarecrow without restrains and he manages to beat the criminal without much effort. In the aftermath, Batman decides to take the Scarecrow back to prison, as he has lost all faith in his recovery.

Appearing in Batman: "Batman's Evil Eye"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Scarecrow
  • Parking Meter Looters (Single appearance)
  • Jewel Thieves (Single appearance)




Synopsis for Batgirl: "Batgirl's Bag of Tricks!"

Batgirl is caught in the sights of a bunch of crooks masquerading as members of the Justice League at a costume party who were trying to obtain stolen jewels, however were double crossed by their partner Darlene Dawson, who had set up Barbara Gordon to take the fall little realizing that Barbara was the real Batgirl.

Easily defeating the crooks, she decides to track down Dawson, little knowing that she is being followed by "Superman." She end up tracking Darlene to Cosby Corners, where she finds out that she is really the daughter of old man Dawson, a reputed criminal leader. Batgirl then fights the two, and makes short work of them when the "Superman" crook tries to interfere and is shot dead by grandfather Dawson. Batgirl manages to incapacitate both crooks and turns them over to the police.

Appearing in Batgirl: "Batgirl's Bag of Tricks!"

Featured Characters:


  • Darlene Dawson (Final appearance)
  • Darlene's Grandfather (Single appearance)
  • Smugglers in costumes
    • "Superman" (Final appearance; dies)
    • "Batman" (Final appearance)
    • "Flash" (Final appearance)
    • "Green Lantern" (Final appearance)




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