"Who Shot Mlle. Marie?": Julia Remarque and his friends have captured Batman and tied him up to witness the trial of Alfred Pennyworth for the murder of Mlle. Marie. Ju

Detective Comics #502 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1981.

Appearing in "Who Shot Mlle. Marie?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dupre/Roget (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Julia Remarque
  • Jacques Remarque (First appearance)
  • Mlle. Marie (Flashback only)
  • Paulette Revel (Flashback only) (Single appearance)
  • Gizelle Revel (Flashback and main story) (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Who Shot Mlle. Marie?"

Julia Remarque and his friends have captured Batman and tied him up to witness the trial of Alfred Pennyworth for the murder of Mlle. Marie. Julia's desire is to kill Alfred, but following her own code of honor, she will give the man a fair trial and Lucius Fox will provide the defense.

The people listen the testimony of a girl, who grew up with the people who witnessed Marie's disappearance. The girl claims that Marie was shot by an unknown person and that afterwards, the remained in a catatonic state, only muttering the name "Alfred". Marie eventually gave birth, but soon afterwards, she disappeared. The baby, who was named Julia was given to Jacques Remarque, a friend of Millie and he looked after her as if she was her own daughter.

After listening to the girl, Julia is convinced that Alfred is Marie's killer, but the accused refuses to talk in his defense. Lucius Fox prevents Julia from taking harsh actions and Batman breaks free in time to tell Julia that he will return with enough evidence of Alfred's innocence.

Batman investigates the case following the clues about Marie's death in the girl's confession. Like this, Batman locates the last person to see Marie alive and the old woman tells Batman that she removed the bullet from Marie's body after she was shot and she kept the bullet hidden in case it was ever useful to find the criminal. As Batman starts looking for the bullet, the real killer has also been warned and he tries to stop Batman, without success.

Finally, Batman takes the criminal back to Julia and the trial, revealing the man's idenity as Dupre, the current chief of police in Paris. The man used to be called Roget and he was part of Marie's resistance. However, he was a Nazi spy and he tried to kill Marie, but failed. Once the real criminal is taken to justice, Julia continues to wonder why did her mother kept calling for Alfred on her last days, unaware that Alfred Pennyworth was Marie's lover and is his father, who has been looking after her in secrey from afar, as he doesn't wish to disturb her life.

Appearing in "To Live a Nightmare!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tracy Dover
  • Doreen Gray
  • James Stein
  • Robert Barton



Synopsis for "To Live a Nightmare!"

Dr. Voodoo's drug magically causes Batgirl a strong emotional distress, preventing her from working normally on her identity as Barbara Gordon.

To make matters worse, Barbara is soon informed by her father that Voodoo has kidnapped Tracy Dover and he has summoned Batgirl to a specific place on the outskirts of the city. Batgirl goes to the place, despite her mental breakdown and she confronts Voodoo, using all her willpower to overcome the feelings of despair in her mind. Voodoo's tricks stop woring on Batgirl once she becomes determined to save Tracy and the vile witch Doctor is defeated for good, after which Batgirl saves the little girl that has become like a daughter to her.


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