"Batman: "Secret of the Sphinx Sinister"": While looking for Selina Kyle, Batman finds her apartment destroyed and he takes a sample of dust that was left behind. In the Batcave II, Batman learns that the dust is somehow the sam

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Appearing in Batman: "Secret of the Sphinx Sinister"

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Other Characters:

  • Arthur Reeves
  • Donaldson (Single appearance)
  • Mustapha (Single appearance)



Synopsis for Batman: "Secret of the Sphinx Sinister"

While looking for Selina Kyle, Batman finds her apartment destroyed and he takes a sample of dust that was left behind. In the Batcave II, Batman learns that the dust is somehow the same dust as the found in ancient Egyptian tombs and he goes to the Gotham Metropolitan Museum to verify his information with the Egyptian expert, Gregory Griffin. Much to Bruce's surprise, Griffin's office is also destroyed and he is nowhere to be found. Looking for clues, Bruce finds a secret door which leads to a special room, equipped with several Egyptian relics and a picture of Selina Kyle next to the face of the tomb of Queen Kara of Egypt, both with a striking resemblance. Griffin's assistant reads a table of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Bruce learns about Griffin's obsession with Kara and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Bruce Wayne travels to Egypt and starts searching for Griffin and Selina, but the local authorities know nothing much about them. Bruce then goes to Giza, where he waits until sunset before going into action as Batman. As the Dark Knight approaches the Sphinx, he is attacked by jackals and is forced to climb the Sphinx until he accidentally finds a secret entrance, leading to the ancient tomb of a Pharaoh. Inside, Batman finds Selina completely unconscious and dressed as an Egyptian queen while Griffin is preparing a ritual and he is dressed as a Pharaoh. Much to Batman's surprise, Griffin truly believes himself the latest incarnation of an ancient Pharaoh and he plans to complete a ritual that will kill Selina and himself, so that they can be together in the afterlife.

At first, Batman tries to confront the madman, but when Griffin uses fire against him, Batman plays along in order to prevent starting a fire. When Griffin has his guard down, Batman stops pretending and knocks the man unconsious. His first action is to save Selina and once she is out of danger, he would return for Griffin. However, Griffin has recovered and attempts to leave the Sphinx following Batman and Selina. Once outside, Griffin and Batman fight and they fall to the desert sands, where Griffin is attacked by the jackals and ripped apart while Batman is unable to help.

The next day, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle inform the local authorities about the events and they decide to return to Gotham City and discuss the future of their relationship.

Appearing in "Batgirl: The Attack of the Annihilator!"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Jeff Cotton
  • Bob Barton
  • Doreen Gray
  • Richard Bender




Synopsis for "Batgirl: The Attack of the Annihilator!"

Batgirl is getting her Batcycle repaired by her friend Jeff Corton after her latest battle against Doctor Voodoo. Batgirl is worried about their friendship putting Jeff in risk and states they have to develop a more secure way for Batgirl to slip in and out unseen. Nonetheless, she has to leave to work on the speech she is scheduled to make tomorrow.

The next day, Barbara Gordon delivers a speech on the need of a better prison reform program. Her speech is watched by geologist Kenneth Anderson as he works in his lab. Anderson feels slighted because nobody has paid attention to his discovery of a strange space rock glowing with a unique kind of energy. Anderson theorizes that rock contains enough energy to supply the whole country, so he conducts an experiment to unlock its power. He succeeds in releasing a tiny fraction of stone's power, but the energies unleashed start mutating him.

Meanwhile, Barbara has finished her speech and returned to the offices of Humanities Research and Development. Barbara is watching Linda Danvers being interviewe lived when a news report interrupts the talk show: the Hinchcliff labs in downtown Gotham City are being attacked by a glowing, flying humanoid. Barbara quickly goes to suit up.

Batgirl swings her way to the place and finds Anderson, who now calls himself the Annihilator, throwing energy blasts at the building. The power's stone transformed and super-charged his body, and now he wants to punish those who didn't take him seriously. Batgirl manages to lasso his right foot and slam him into a rooftop, but Annihilator swiftly blasts her down.

Batgirl falls down, but she's caught by Supergirl. Kara confesses she was doing a talk show appearance as Linda Danvers on Gotham but she slipped away when she heard the news report. Supergirl lands Batgirl on a nearby rooftop and streaks towards the Annihilator. Annihilator feels Supergirl's power is greater than his, and he quickly grabs her and absorbs her power. Batgirl watches her friend being drained and rendered senseless, and wonders what she can do now.


  • This book was first published on August 20, 1981.
  • "The Attack of the Annihilator" features a special thanks to Wendy Beraud, who provided plot assists.
  • "The Attack of the Annihilator" is collected in Batgirl: The Bronze Age Omnibus, Vol. 1
  • Supergirl being a soap opera actress places this story's events after Superman Family #204.


  • Supergirl and Batgirl share their secret identities in this story for the first time since World's Finest #169 (September, 1967).

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