"Head-Hunt by a Mad Hatter": During the Mayoral Debate between Arthur Reeves and Hamilton Hill, Batman stops a crime in progress and earns the congratulations of the people, except for Reeves, who is determin

Quote1 The Detective and I met during my theft of the theft of the yatch club trophy. Soon after, an imposter took my place-- even assumed my name. I was indisposed at the time. Actually, I'd been placed in a Sanitarium, if you must know. A month ago, I escaped. I disposed of the imposter-- and now, Batman I shall dispose of you! Au revoir! Our reunion has been brief-- but not brief enough! Quote2
Mad Hatter

Detective Comics #510 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1982.

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Synopsis for "Head-Hunt by a Mad Hatter"

During the Mayoral Debate between Arthur Reeves and Hamilton Hill, Batman stops a crime in progress and earns the congratulations of the people, except for Reeves, who is determined to bring Batman down and he knows he can with the recent evidence he has been provided.

Meanwhile, Lucius Fox is working late at Wayne Enterprises, when his computer starts acting strange and it blows with a big explosion that leaves him unconscious. The whole scene is watched by a mysterious man who calls himself the Mad Hatter.

The next morning, the Gotham City Police Department arrive at the scene and Commissioner Gordon calls Bruce Wayne to inform him of the events. Lucius Fox has been kidnapped and there is only one clue left behind: a business card. Bruce dials the number and The Mad Hatter demands two million dollars for the ransom of Lucius Fox. As the call is being traced by the police, Bruce Wayne agrees and the Hatter gives him the location where to drop the money.

Later, Bruce investigates the abduction scene and finds connections to the Mad Hatter. After learning that Hatter has been using electronic parts to tamper with computers, Bruce deduces that the Mad Hatter will most likely double-cross them.

True to Batman's suspicions, Mad Hatter doesn't intend to retrieve the money by himself and instead, he will first turn Lucius Fox into a mindless zombie using a special machine of his own creation. Before Hatter can proceed, Batman arrives at his hideout and takes down all of the Hatter's hired thugs, before he confronts the mastermind behind it all. Hatter threatens Batman with erasing Fox's memories and Batman makes a bargain in exchange for Lucius. Hatter agrees and Batman is placed in the madman's mind device. Before the madman can start the process, Batman says that he recalls this foe and that he is not the same as the Mad Hatter he has confronted the past years. The Mad Hatter replies that indeed Batman sould recall him as they encountered each other more than a decade ago. The villain explains that he is the original Mad Hatter and that after he was captured by Batman, an imposter took his place and used his name to start a crime career while he was locked away in a sanitarium. But now, he has escaped and after disposing of the imposter, the real Mad Hatter started a new crime spree.

After revealing the truth, the Mad Hatter activates the machine that will erase Batman's memories. After the deed is done, the Mad Hatter celebrates his victory, but Batman recovers in no time and captures the Mad Hatter for good. When the police arrive to take away the crooks, Batman explains to Commissioner Gordon that he had deduced that Hatter had some kind of mind-machine and that he took the precaution to protect his head gear. Despite the victory over the Mad Hatter, Batman has another concern as Arthur Reeves has declared to the press that he can and will reveal Batman's secret identity.

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Synopsis for "Bride of Destruction!"

Supergirl warns Batgirl in time for her to avoid the Annihilator’s ray-blast. Both of them confront the villain, who blasts Supergirl through a wall with his ray. He scatters a resulting fire through the chemical plant in which he worked, and Batgirl and Supergirl are forced to let him flee as they put it out.

They find him again before long, evolved once more and harder to deal with. But Batgirl deduces that heat is what triggers his evolutionary jumps, and uses a stream of water from a nearby fire hydrant and a puff of Supergirl’s super-cold breath to revert him back to normal human form. Supergirl leaves Batgirl with Kenneth Anderson, both heroines agreeing that they’ll have to work together again before long.


  • With this issue, the storylines featured in Detective Comics and Batman become closely connected and the cross-over format between both titles is developed. Namely, the sub-plot of this issue continues in Batman #344.


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