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"The 'I' of the Beholder": The election for Mayor of Gotham City has come to an end and the winner is Hamilton Hill thanks to Arthur Reeves's grave mistake. However, Batman is convinc

Quote1.png Lately, I've allowed the Foundation to rule my life. I've lost sleep-- spent hours pouring over obscure reports-- wasted my energies on business that had nothing to do with my lifetime goals. In a word, I'm exhausted. That's why I'm resigning my position as Chief Executive Officer of both the Foundation and Wayne Enterprises. Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

Detective Comics #511 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1982.

Synopsis for "The 'I' of the Beholder"

The election for Mayor of Gotham City has come to an end and the winner is Hamilton Hill thanks to Arthur Reeves's grave mistake. However, Batman is convinced that there is something more to the sudden "incident". Reeves goes to the Tobacconists' Club to demand an explanation for the fake pictures he was given, but his anger turns to fear when he realizes that he man behind the whole work is none other than Rupert "Boss" Thorne, high profile criminal recently released from Arkham. Reeves turns away from the place and runs away in fear as Thorne laughs at him, thankful that his plans are going smoothly.

The next day, a new criminal appears in Gotham under the alias of Mirage and starts a criminal spree using his optic illusions that cause mass hysteria. Vicki Vake happens to be present during one of the crimes and she takes some pictures of the event, which allows Bruce Wayne to learn the modus operandi of Mirage.

Meanwhile, Dick Grayson has decided to resume his studies, but this time he will attend Gotham University. During his first day, Dick meets with an older woman by the name Dala and he is inexplicably charmed by her beauty.

That night, Bruce has once again fallen asleep in his office at Wayne Enterprises and he is awoken by a concerned Lucius Fox. Bruce tells him that everthing is fine just as the Bat-Signal starts shining in the dark sky. Bruce tells Lucius to go rest and he'll do the same, but in fact, Bruce changes into Batman and answers the summons of the light. At the GCPD Headquarters, Batman and Commissioner Gordon learn of the recent activities by Mirage and the Dark Knight goes on his way to stop the villain.

Mirage stikes at an open air concert, where Dick Grayson is part of the audience. Going into action as Robin, the Teen Wonder tries to stop the villain, but the illusions are too hard to overcome. Even Batman is unable to go against the visions and Mirage escapes. Returning to the Batcave II, Batman and Robin come up with special hearing devices that will help them confront Mirage. They go out again, hoping to stop the criminal, but Robin has no luck and returns to the Batcave empty handed. However, Batman has located Mirage and confronts the thug with his hearing device. Successful at first, Batman's device is damaged in the struggle and the vision overwhelms the Dark knight. Using all his willpower, Batman overcomes the mental images and defeats Mirage, destroying his illusion machine.

With Mirage captured, Bruce Wayne summons an important meeting at Wayne Enterprises, where he informs the board of the company about his decision of leaving his role of chief executive and leave those duties to his personal assistant and financial advisor, Lucius Fox. Everyone is shocked by Bruce's announcements, but the decision has been made and Bruce couldn't be happier.

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