"...Is Better Than None!": Batman has been missing for a week and the entire city is concerned about his sudden disappearance. Some of them like Robin, Alfred and [[Victoria Vale (New Earth)|Vicki Vale]

Detective Comics #513 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1982.

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Synopsis for "...Is Better Than None!"

Batman has been missing for a week and the entire city is concerned about his sudden disappearance. Some of them like Robin, Alfred and Vicki Vale are worried about the man, but there are others like Mayor Hill and his boss Rupert Thorne, who are more worried about themselves, thinking that perhaps Batman is somewhere planning their downfall. Finally, there are those who feign indifference at the news, like the new Police Commissioner Peter Pauling and his predecesor, James Gordon, both of theam dreading the worst.

The whole conmotion is delightful for the only person in Gotham City who knows what happened to Batman. Two-Face is responsible for defeating and capturing Batman in their previous encounter and ever since, Two-Face has held Batman prisoner in a special room with only a small hole in the wall to provide him food. Two-Face then tosses his coin to determine Batman's fate and the coin comes with the good side up, as it has in the past seven days. Two-Face is forced to comply with the coin and he gives Batman one more day to live. After this decision is made, Two-Face makes arrangements for his next crime and when the coin tells him to act, he and his henchmen get on their way.

Following his regular modus operandi, Two-Face's crime forms a patter always connected with the number two and binary clues. Robin, who is out looking for Batman, learns from the police radio about the crime in progress at the "Duo Record Company" and he goes to the place in the Batmobile. Robin arrives at the place and unplugs a sleeping gas part of a binary compound placed by Two-Face to break into the place. The Teen Wonder then proceeds to dispose of Two-Face's goons while the madman himself escapes. When the police arrives, Robin interrogates the crooks, hoping to learn about Batman's whereabouts.

In the meantime, Batman has been preparing a plan to escape from Two-Face's prison and by melting a plastic tray of the food he is given, Batman molds it into his face with hot steam from a pipe and creates a "Two-Face" mask, which he wears when Two-Face returns to his hideout. The madman tosses his coin, which finally gives him "permission" to kill Batman, but when he looks at his own reflection in Batman's face, Two-Face releases Batman, causing his own downfall. By the time Robin and the police get to the place, Batman has already taken care of the situation.

Back at the Wayne Foundation Penthouse, Bruce talks with Alfred and Dick and he tells them that after a week as Two-Face's prisoner, he had time to think about his future and he has made the final decision to return to Wayne Manor permanently.

Appearing in "Duel with Demons!"

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  • The Demon Riders (Final appearance)
    • Revo (Final appearance)
    • Jackson (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Duel with Demons!"

Barbara Gordon finds her apartment destroyed and the street gang known as the Demon Riders, responsible for the chaos are present to hurt her as well. Barbara fakes weakness to distract the hoods and allow her to escape to the rooftop, where she makes a quick change into Batgirl.

The Demon Riders try to catch Barbara, but they can't find her and before they could leave the place, Batgirl strikes again and attacks them. The Demons get the upper hand of the fight thanks to sheer numbers and Batgirl is assisted by a total stranger while fighting the crooks on the streets. With a small time to recover, Batgirl returns and takes down most of the punks, including their leader. When the situation is under control, Batgirl turns to thank the man who helped her, but the mysterious person is nowhere to be found.


  • "...Is Better Than None!" is the conclusion of the story that started in Batman #346.


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